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211 Activation

** News Release **

From the office of Crawford County Emergency Management,

**211 has been Activated**

On May 1st, our department contacted Great Rivers 211 to assist with public damage assessments. They have confirmed they are active for taking damage-related calls and collecting unmet need information from Crawford County residents. Residents can call 211, press 1 for local disaster, and an agent will assist in taking their report. If any financial assistance becomes available, your name needs to be on this list. Additionally, people can self-report online using the 211-disaster reporting form here:

If any residents have damage to report from the flooding crisis or any unmet needs, please use the 211 number and we can start organizing help. The following is a list of questions the 211 intake worker will ask:


Call Center Site

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number

Secondary Phone Number


Do we have permission to text and/or email you if resources or information become available?

Address (includes street address, city, county, state, and zip code)

Address Jurisdiction (City, Village, Town)

Mailing Address (if different)

Contact Type (for 2-1-1 coding)

How did they contact you? (call, online, text, chat, email, mail)

211 Call Type (Information and Referral, Information Only, Crisis, No Referral Given) – for 211 coding and to track information only calls

Call Notes

Age of person needing service

Gender of person needing service


Are you the owner of the damaged property? (yes, no)

If no, what is the name and phone number of the property owner?

Are you calling about your home or business? Or both? (Home, home & business, business (other than farming), farm, Other)

  1. Do you rent or own your home? (Own, Rent or Lease, Other)

  2. Own: Is your home conventional built or manufactured? (Conventional, Manufactured, N/A)

  3. Own: Is this your primary living residence? (Yes, No, Unselected)

  4. Own: Is this a single-family unit or multi-family (duplex/apartments etc.)

  1. Do you have insurance coverage? What type?

  2. Yes – Flooding insurance

  3. Yes – homeowners insurance

  4. Yes – rental insurance

  5. No

  6. Unsure or other

  1. Is this your primary living residence? (a) Yes

(b) No

  1. Do you believe your home is safe? (a) Yes

(b) No

  1. Can you reach the property to enter it?

  2. Yes

  3. No

  1. Is there a private road or bridge damaged on the property?

  2. Yes

  3. No

  1. Was there structural damage to the home?

  2. Wall Collapse

  3. Crack in foundation

  4. Moved off foundation

  5. Twisted/bent frame

  6. Other

What needs are you facing due to the disaster? (Notes box for answer)

Would you like us to share your information if volunteers become available to help with clean up? Yes / No

What clean up help is needed?

  • Options: Muck out, Mold remediation, Trees, Tarp, Debris, Deferred maintenance, Rebuild

Added to Crisis Clean Up (for 211 coding)


  1. Is, or was, there water inside the property?

  2. Yes

  3. No

  4. Unknown (unable to access)

  1. Does the property have a basement?

  2. Yes

  3. Please describe your basement, option list of: crawlspace, full basement, finished, half finished, unfinished

  4. How many inches of water were in the basement?

  1. No

  2. How many inches of water were on the first floor?

  1. Are any of your utilities damaged?

  2. Furnace

  3. Electrical panel

  4. Water heater

  5. Water service/well

  6. HVAC

  7. Sanitary Sewer/septic

  8. Other

  1. Has flood water overtopped the head of your private well? (yes, no)

  2. IF YES: Share following information:

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