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Peoples State Bank is pleased to announce these recent promotions and changes. At aBoard of Directors meeting held December 22nd, Brennen Clark, current Senior VP of Bank Operations and CFO, was elected President and CEO to succeed Mark Forsythe, who retiredat the end of the year. The Board also accorded thehonor of Director Emeritusto Frank Weeks, who has servedthe bank soadmirablyfor over 17 years.In making the announcements, Board Chairman Tom Farrell related the Board fully understands and supports Forsythe’s plans to move into retirement but, at the same time, expressed regret becausehe has done so much in his leadership roles with the bank, particularly during the past 13 years as President & CEO. Farrell added “While the bank has done very well over its long history, we experienced our greatest periods of growth and profitability under Mark’s leadershipand, thus, he will be greatly missed. We are blessed, however, that he will remain a member of our Board and we will continue to benefit as he shares his knowledge, experience and leadership.”Brennen ClarkIs a native of Boscobel and began working at Peoples State Bank as a Youth Apprentice while in high school. Following graduation from UW-La Crosse, where he earned a degree in Finance, he joined the bank full-time in 2012 and has served as the bank’s Chief Financial Officer since 2015. Clark has also earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and completed studies inthe Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin.In speaking with Clark about this promotion he had this to say “Since it was announced that I would be succeeding Mark as Presidentand CEO, I’ve received a great deal of support –both from the great employees of our bank and from customers and community members alike.This has served as added momentum for me and I’m eager to represent Peoples State Bank in this new capacity and to grow with our communities for years to come.”Frank Weeks joined thePeoples State Bank Board of Directorsin 2003. In the mid-1960’s Frank formed Design Homes, Inc. and as Chairman/CEO established his credentials as a leading Prairie du Chien businessman who remains a major employer in the area tothis day.Weeks alsoserved as a director for Prairie City Bank from the early 1970’s until that bank was eventually acquired in the mid-1990’s. In making the announcement, Farrelldelivered high praise for his fellow board member “Frank’s contributions to our Board and the success we have enjoyed as a bank have been both numerous and significant. His insight and innovative way of thinking helped develop strategies and efficiencies that we continue to utilizeand his continued service as advisor and consultant to the Board is invaluable.”


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