Campaign Resumes

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Today: Libertarian Candidate Rick Stewart has resumed active campaigning in the race for Iowa Governor. The campaign was paused on May 18th after Stewart, along with eighteen others, were arrested in Washington DC during a peaceful protest at the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) headquarters on charges of trespassing. Stewart will resume crisscrossing the state and will be a fixture in rural Iowa parades, the Iowa State Fair and other community events, discussing the issues with all Iowans. A friend of Stewart's, a patient diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, had been prescribed psilocybin assisted therapy by her doctor. Under the 2018 Right To Try law, supported by both Iowa Senators Grassley (a sponsor) and Ernst, this prescription is legally allowed. The DEA, however, has denied her request and, in fact, is refusing to even speak with the patient. In 2020, John Hopkins Center released the results of a study that showed promising results of psilocybin in the mental health of terminal cancer patients, a key element of palliative care and quality of life. Video taken at the event shows Stewart passively resisting while being handcuffed and dragged across a concrete parking lot to a paddy wagon. “It is outrageous that Drug Warriors in the DEA would thwart the will of Congress so blatantly,” said Stewart. “If the laws of the land do not apply to government officials, what kind of a Republic do we live in? I feel it is my moral responsibility to stand against this rogue government agency, and I am confident Senators Grassley and Ernst have my back. The Drug War has clearly been lost in America, and it is time to gracefully retire the DEA agents who are still fighting it.” Stewart's trial for trespassing is scheduled for August 10, in Washington DC. Rick was born in Postville, Iowa. He earned a bachelor's degree from Coe College in 1991 and an MBA from the University of Chicago in 1993. He is the founder of Frontier Natural Products Co-op in Norway, Iowa, where he served as CEO until his retirement. Rick's first career was as a law enforcement officer in Maquoketa, Iowa.