Central Board

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

The Central School Board approved the hiring of Jared Borman as Strength and

Conditioning Coach. Sam Hilgerson was named a Volunteer Boys Basketball Coach.

The Board also approved the fall coaches for 2021 with no changes.



School Board Meeting

December 21, 2020

6:00 PM


President Finley called the board meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

Board Present: Jered Finley, Ed Hertrampf, Suzy Hilgerson-via Zoom and Michael Whittle

Board Absent: NiCole Dennler, Amy Pope and Taylor Alexie

Staff: Nick Trenkamp, Aaron Reinhart and Joyce Piorkowski

Guests: Jen Wilwert

Consent Items

Printed Minutes – November 16, 2020 Board Minutes

Agenda – December 21, 2020 – Add Approval of January 1 wrestling practice.

Bills – NiCole Dennler/Ed Hertrampf

Treasurer’s Report

Michael Whittle made a motion to approve the Consent Items

Ed Hertrampf seconded. Motion carried. 4-0

Learning & Leadership

Leadership & Service - 7th-8th Grade Lock-In

Leadership & Service Class is planning a Lock-In with the possible date of March 19 and 20.

Funding of the event is through can redemption.

Return to Learn

Lunch is working good in advisor rooms – back to two lines.

Activities – guidance keeps changing. Central’s active and quarantine numbers have been low.


Volunteer Boys Basketball

Ed Hertrampf made a motion to approve Sam Hilgerson for Volunteer Boys Basketball Coach. Michael Whittle seconded. Motion carried. 4-0

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Michael Whittle made a motion to approve Jarod Bormann’s Strength & Conditioning Coach six-month contract. Ed Hertrampf seconded. Motion carried. 4-0

Fall Athletic Coaches

Ed Hertrampf made a motion to approve the Fall Athletic Coaches. Michael Whittle seconded. Motion carried. 4-0


Head Volleyball – Michael Smith

Assistant Volleyball – Stephanie Burke

JH Volleyball – Kelly Erickson

Cross Country

Head Cross Country – Mark Bauder

JH Cross Country – Martha Bauder


Head Football – Joseph Koehn

Assistant Football – Colten Ledbeter

JH Football – Isaiah Hopp & Blake Rodenberg


Football/Wrestling Sponsor – Paula Mahoney

Official Contracts

Michael Whittle made a motion to approve the January Basketball & Wrestling Officials.

Ed Hertrampf seconded. Motion carried. 4-0

Request to School Budget Review Committee for MSA for the 2021-2022 Dropout Prevention Program

Michael Whittle made a motion approve the request to the School Budget Review Committee for the Modified Supplement Amount of $85,734.00. Ed Hertrampf seconded.

Motion carried. 4-0

January 1 Wrestling Practice

Ed Hertrampf made a motion to approve January 1 wrestling practice. Michael Whittle seconded. Motion carried. 4-0

Communications and Reports

MS/HS Principal & AD – Mr. Reinhart

Principal Report:

  1. ISASP tests will take place in the spring (March 15 – May 15) as normal. Planning for this has begun at the state level. Local planning normally starts in late January-February.

  2. Music Concerts (Madrigal, Band, Vocal) have gone well. We have limited attendance to two spectators per participant to be consistent with all other events we host.

  3. Our PBIS program is running much smoother this year with all adults actively taking a leadership role.

Activities Report:

  1. Spectators guidelines are changing regularly with new announcements from the Governor. Please check our website for updates.

  2. Recent music concerts have gone well. A lot of positive feedback regarding our band and choir programs.

  3. A decision on spectators at our January wrestling tournaments has not been made yet.

Superintendent & Elementary Principal – Mr. Trenkamp

Playground Update

Playground Committee – Sue Breitsprecher, Brady Stramer, Colten Ledbeter and Mike Smith; have met with all companies submitting bids. Some replacement pieces have been ordered for current equipment.


Been able to get out to our classrooms more this month. I have subbed as a teacher, an associate and in the kitchen. Gives me a better sense of job roles and allows students to see me in a variety of roles and I get to see them. More walkthroughs and I am amazed at the great things I am seeing.

District Special Education Plan

The District Special Education Plan has been approved by the AEA and now must go out to public comment for 14 days. Once this is complete, the school board will make final approval.


Ed Larson has generously donated $5000 to Central.

Committee Reports

  1. Building & Grounds Meeting

The committee have met with Doug Larson and Josh Demmer, architect used by Larson construction, about a solution for the English/Math classrooms. Two options have been discussed: Installing a false wall outside of classrooms to stop leaking at an estimate of $150,000 or remove current outside wall and remodel rooms including heating and air conditioning at an estimate of $500,000. The committee has a meeting scheduled for December 23 with Doug Larson and Josh Demmer.

Through Board Members

Ed Hertrampf – Are new buses on the routes? New buses are still being serviced.

Jered Finley – Shared with the board the thank you from the staff for the meal during conferences. Thanks to Travis Geuder, technology consultant from Keystone, for all the extra hours spent getting the NFHS working.


Suzy Hilgerson made a motion to adjourn.

Ed Hertrampf seconded. Motion carried. 4-0

Meeting Adjourned at 7:32pm


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