Central Board

Updated: Mar 25

The Central School Board approved a bid for the Math/English Classroom Project. The bid totals 450-thousand dollars. It includes a complete remodel of four classrooms on the second-floor. The remodel will eliminate leak issues. It also includes new windows and HVAC work.

The Board approved the 21-22 School Calendar with a start date of August 23rd. The Calendar will also have a built in Spring Break from March 18th thru the 22nd, 2022.

The Board held discussion on the Playground Project. Bids range from 79 to 119-thousand and involve equipment and different type of surfacing. The Board will continue discussion.

President Finley called the board meeting to order at 6:02 pm.

Board Present: Jered Finley, Michael Whittle, Amy Pope, Suzy Hilgerson, Ed Hertrampf and Taylor Alexie

Board Absent: NiCole Dennler

Staff: Nick Trenkamp, Aaron Reinhart and Joyce Piorkowski

Visitors: Josh Demmer, Janine Berns, Julie Schmidt, Madonna Hosch, Ellen Collins, Bruce Collings and Cheryl Whittle

Public Comment

Appreciate everything the school does, Good Friday should be off for the Easter holiday. Situations have come up with Holy Thursday and sporting events. Coaches are always cooperative to make things work. Please consider having Good Friday as the holiday. There have been events scheduled in the past on Good Friday involving students. Want to see Good Friday kept holy. The Tridium from Holy Thursday through Easter Sunday is a very holy time. I fear our nation is becoming very secular and that Christmas will be next to be taken away. Good Friday has typically been the holiday and still be able to travel to be back on Monday.

Agenda – March 22, 2021

Michael Whittle made a motion to approve the March 22, 2021 agenda.

Ed Hertrampf seconded. Motion carried. 6-0

Math/English Classroom Project

Michael Whittle made a motion to approve the proposed plans, specs and opinion of costs. With the April 1, 2021 Pre-Bid meeting and April 13, 2021 bid opening.

Amy Pope seconded. Motion carried. 6-0

Alternative High School Agreement with NICC

Suzy Hilgerson made a motion to approve the Alternative High School Agreement with NICC. Taylor Alexie seconded. Motion carried. 6-0

2021-2022 Calendar

Ed Hertrampf made a motion to approve the 2021-2022 Calendar, with August 23, 2021 start with spring break and Good Friday as a holiday.

Michael Whittle seconded. Motion carried. 6-0

2020-2021 Calendar

Discussion on making up snow days with the possible construction project. More discussion at the April 19, 2021 board meeting

Playground Update

Mr. Trenkamp presented two quotes from Park Planet to replace the playground equipment. One quote would be with wood chips at $70,171 and one quote with rubber tile under the equipment similar to the preschool playground at $119,727. Discussion on how to fund the project with a possible capital campaign and/or grants. More discussion after numbers are received for the classroom project.


Amy Pope made a motion to adjourn.

Ed Hertrampf seconded. Motion carried. 6-0

Meeting Adjourned at 6:50 pm


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