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Clayton Council

Special Meeting City of Clayton, Iowa March 13, 2023

Minutes Council Chambers 6:00 P.M.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Call to Order: Mayor Hart called the meeting to order at 6:00PM with roll call and pledge of allegiance.

Council Attendance: Kinkead, Kuehl-Berns, Staake, Brandel in attendance.

Motion by Staake, second by Brandel to approve the consent agenda, including the agenda, minutes from 2/6/2023 and bills and claims from 2/21/23 to 3/13/23, moving Alpine after item #4 on the agenda. Roll call vote, all ayes, motion carried.


Name Memo Fund Amount The following were paid per Resolution #2017-9 authorizing the payment of claims by electronic funds transfer: IPERS Iowa Retirement GW 75.12 IA Dept Revenue Water Excise Tas W 34.60

The following bills presented for payment:

Robert Creery 3 weeks at $50/wk=$150.00 W 129.09 Allamakee- Clayton Electric

Cooperative Electric GW 594.49 Hawkeye Sanitation, Inc. Monthly Garbage/Recycling G 543.30 Blume, Jamie 19.75 hrs@40=790.00 G 790.00 Schuster & Mick Legal fees G 253.50 Hart, Dave Reimb. office supplies/recording fees G 188.20 Office of Auditor of State Periodic Exam Fee G 200.00 Alpine Communications Phone & Internet Service GW 91.82 Chris Younblut Snowplowing Feb/March GW 750.00 Microbac Labs Water Testing W 15.50 3,665.62

Jared Burkle presented the quarterly water report. January 6th info was sent to the DNR prior to the inspection. January 10th the annual water use report was sent to the DNR. January 16th the operational plans and emergency contact list were updated. January 31st the Iowa DNR inspected the water plant. Burkle informed the council that the water service line inventory needs to be completed by October 2024 and submitted to the DNR. Those property owners with questions on the materials of their service lines can contact the mayor.

Public Comments – Zetta Hart spoke in response to comments from the previous council meeting as well as withdrawing her request to be considered for the vacant council seat.

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A representative from Alpine spoke regarding the upcoming fiber optic installation in Clayton. Those property owners that do not reside in Clayton year-round need to contact Alpine at 563-245-4000 option 2 to express you interest in a connection to your property. The project will begin in early April with an anticipated 30 days of construction, 30 days of tie-ins followed by hooking up the properties with an anticipated end date of June 1st.

Discussion of flag purchase. Kuehl-Berns made a motion to approve the flag purchase through the American Legion. Staake seconded. Roll call vote, all ayes, motion carried.

Council discussed DNR requirement to control land 200 feet around water plant and potential land purchase.

Council discussed adding a solar panel ordinance. Members would like to see other cities ordinances before a decision is made.

Council discussed a building permit application for 509 Main Street – attaching a screened in porch to the back of the house. Kuehl-Berns made a motion to approve the permit, pending the completion of the first page of the application. Brandel seconded. Roll call vote, all ayes, motion carried.

Council considered 2 versions of the FY 23/24 budget. With State changes to the residential roll-back calculations, deriving the same revenues as previously anticipated would result in a $0.16584 increase per $1,000 of taxable valuation for property owners.

Motion by Kuehl-Berns to set the public hearing for the FY 23/24 Budget for April 17, 2023 at 6:00 PM. Seconded by Kinkead. Roll call vote, all ayes, motion carried.

Motion by Kinkead to approve pursuing land survey and appraisal of a section of Campbell Street. Staake Seconded. Roll call vote, all ayes, motioned carried.

Council had a brief discussion on the three parties that expressed interest in filling the vacant council seat. Kinkead made a motion to appoint Jody Holm. Brandel seconded. Roll call vote, all ayes, motion carried.

Mayor’s report: There will be an ad in the paper again for a city clerk. An email response was received from the other applicant interviewed, but not a reply on interest. The Clayton Easter Egg Hunt will be Saturday, April 8th at eh Clayton school grounds beginning at 1:00 PM sharp.

Motion by Kinkead, second by Staake to adjourn meeting @ 6:49PM. Roll call vote, all ayes, motion carried.

Next regular meeting will be April 17, 2023 at 6:00 P.M.

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