Clayton Ridge Board

The Clayton Ridge School Board approved the hiring of Kaitlyn Kuehl Berns as Head Coach of the Drill Team. Erica Armstrong was named Assistant Volleyball Coach, Collin Arndt as Strength and Conditioning Coach, Rhea Cono as Prom Coordinator, Nicole DeGidio for Newsletter and National Honor Society, Shelby Landt as Groundskeeper, Ashley Funk as Elementary Specialist, and Jana Kregel as 6 thru 12 Specialist.

The Board accepted the resignation of Rick Kolbet as 6-12 Math PLC Strategist, Brian Rodenberg as Assistant Boys Basketball Coach, Thor Rastetter as Route and Shuttle Bus Driver, and Sherri Batts as Interpreter.

The Board approve increases of three-percent for the Social Worker, Maintenance, Business Manager, Dean of Students, Principal and Superintendent positions.

The also approved 4.86-percent raises for the Secretary positions.

1. Held second reading and adopted board policies 400-401.12R1 and 402.1-405.8

2. Authorized superintendent to begin procedures for disposal of property to Garnavillo Day Care

3. Approved distribution of diplomas to Class of 2021, pending completion of requirements

4. Accepted resignations from 6-12 Math PLC Strategist Rick Kolbet, Assistant Coach Boys Basketball Brian Rodenberg, Route and Shuttle Bus Driver Thor Rastetter, and Interpreter Sherri Batts.

5. Transferred Michelle Fassbinder from 6-12 Instructional Coach to 6-12 Intervention Specialist; Transferred Tierney Schneider from Fourth Grade Teacher to PK-5 Instructional Coach.

6. Hired: Kaitlyn Kuehl Berns - Head Coach Drill Team; Erica Armstrong - Assistant Coach Volleyball; Collin Arndt - Strength & Conditioning Coach; Rhea Cano - Prom Coordinator; Nicole De Gidio - Newsletter Publisher; Nicole DeGidio - National Honor Society Advisor; Shelby Landt - Groundskeeper; Ashley Funk - Elementary Specialist; Jana Kregel - 6-12 Specialist

7. Issued TLC Extra-Duty Contracts: Instructional Leaders - Lori Bunting, Sarah Cherne, Nicole DeGidio, Jana Kregel, Adam Radcliffe, Tierney Schneider, Sarah Zahradnik; Mentor Teachers - Nick Brown, Michelle Fassbinder, Rick Kolbet, Karen Reichard, Laurie Smith, Jill Stannard, Mary Streich; PLC Strategists - Brenda Bodish, Kathy Connelly, Louis Cook, Margo Friedlein, Michelle Hansel, Laura Morarend, Adam Radcliffe, Tadd Schutte, Jill Stannard, Stephanie Thomas, Valeria White, Annette Willenborg, Angela Williams

8. Hired Kathy Connelly for summer technology assistant at $15 per hour, not to exceed 80 hours

9. Approved open enrollments for Daxton Bries from Western Dubuque and Maddyn Brainard to MFL Mar Mac.

10. Denied 8 open enrollment applications to the lowa Virtual Academy

11. Approved summer band lessons, not to exceed 75 hours

12. Approved the 2021-22 Calendar

13. Hired Michelle Scott for Extended School Year services, not to exceed 50 hours

14. Issued contracts to Secretary Angel Burgin (4.86% increase), Secretary Michelle Von Handorf (4.88%), Social Worker Lynette Pritchard (3.00%), Maintenance Director Terry Jasper, Business Manager David Schlueter (3.00%), Dean of Students Wade Marlow (3.00%), Principal Laura Bilden (3.00%), Superintendent Shane Wahls (3.00%)

15. Approved out of state travel for 5th grade field trip to Prairie du Chien

16. Approved construction project change orders and authorized the superintendent to

17. Approved transfer of $238,202.38 from PPEL Fund to Debt Service Fund

18. Approved purchase of five Promethean boards at a cost of $12,778.60

19. Approved Kagan