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Clayton Water

Water Department will be flushing hydrants during the Week of April 18th – April 22nd Flushing fire hydrants is needed to help keep the water lines free of mineral deposits. You may experience some water discoloration during and immediately after the flushing. If you do, you need to run your until it is clear. Please check your hot water to see if the discolored water went to your water heater, if so, here too, run until clear. Try to avoid laundering whites and light colors while you have discolored water. You may also experience some decrease in water pressure during the flushing. This will be temporary and should return to normal on its own after they have completed the flushing in your area. Please do not park near any hydrant – Park 20-30 feet away if possible. For Safety Reasons, please stay at least 20 feet away.

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