Clinic Transition

Elkader, Iowa; May 19, 2022 –MercyOne Elkader Medical Center is excited to announce the family medicine clinics in Elkader and Monona, which are a 50/50 partnership between MercyOne and Medical Associates Clinic, will move to full ownership by MercyOne on July 1, 2022.

The name and signage will change to MercyOne Elkader Family Medicine and MercyOne Monona Family Medicine, and all employees will transition to employment with MercyOne.

“We are eager to transition our great clinics in Elkader and Monona to full ownership by MercyOne, while continuing to collaborate with the Medical Associates team,” said Kay Takes, president of MercyOne Eastern Iowa. “MercyOne is committed to serving our community and will continue to do so at the highest level of service.”

Once the transition is complete, the clinics will begin accepting all of the same insurance carriers currently accepted by MercyOne Elkader Medical Center, and the clinics and hospital will begin sharing the same electronic health record.

“Your health record will be available whether you are visiting the hospital or clinics, which in turn will allow us to provide more seamless care,” said Brooke Kensinger, CEO, MercyOne Elkader Medical Center. “We are excited for this opportunity to better support the Elkader and Monona communities long into the future.”

MercyOne helps ensure you and your family are healthy and on track to meet your wellness goals. The family medicine locations in Elkader and Monona offer a wide range of health care and outreach to specialty services to live your best life.

Patients can continue schedule appointments by calling 563-245-1717 in Elkader or 563-539-4631 in Monona. Whether scheduling your next appointment, annual checkup, vaccination or routine screening, MercyOne experts are here for your personalized needs throughout life’s journey.


About MercyOne

MercyOne is a connected system of health care facilities and services dedicated to helping people and communities live their best life. MercyOne’s care providers and staff make health the highest priority. The system’s clinics, medical centers, hospitals and affiliates are located throughout the state of Iowa and beyond. Headquartered in central Iowa, MercyOne was founded in 1998 through a collaboration between CommonSpirit Health and Trinity Health – two of the country’s foremost, not-for-profit Catholic health organizations.