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Colesburg City Council

Mayor Tom Forkenbrock called the regular meeting of the Colesburg City Council to order at 6:02 p.m. Monday, March 11, 2024. On roll were Nick Brown, Jared Diers, Steve Schilling and Jim Diers. Roger Waterman was absent. Mayor Forkenbrock added a late bill for approval from the State Auditor for $1,200.00. Motion made by Jim Diers. Second by Brown to approve the consent agenda. Roll Call: Ayes: Jim Diers, Brown, Jared Diers, Schilling; Nays: 0. Motion carried. Consent agenda included approval of agenda, February minutes/claims and the Treasurer’s Report, as follows:


Utility Payments 28,889.18

LOST 6,489.82

Property Tax 136.87

Ambulance 2,665.60

Savings Account Interest 1,476.77

RUT - State 2,970.00


Comelec – Lib 10.00

EFTPS – February 2,112.35

FSB – Monthly ACH Charge 25.00

FSB – Returned Check 142.02

Iowa Department of Revenue – Sales TX 123.89

Iowa Department of Revenue – WET TX 387.28

IPERS – February 1,388.79

Windstream 366.49


Alliant Energy- Utilities 3,364.27

Bi-County Disposal – February Pick Up 2,515.20

Black Hills Energy - Utilities 679.97

Brown’s – Amb 1,635.09

Carrico – Pool Heater 5,108.11

City of Earlville – Tier Up 150.00

Cory Schenke – Reimburse 20.15

Delaware County Sheriff 16,814.00

Edgewood Reminder 130.25

Hawkins – Water 264.22

Hendersons – City 285.12

Hill Country CS – City, FD 158.79

Julie Wessel - Reimburse 25.48

John Deere Financial – City 106.86

Midwest Breathing Air - FD 209.20

NAPA - City 31.48

Trojan Technologies – Sewer 1,627.46

TestAmerica – Sewer Analysis 609.00

TestAmerica – Water Analysis 61.00

Total February Payroll 6,102.91

Revenues Expenditures

General Fund



Road Use



Employee Benefits



Local Option






Sewer Debt






Water Enterprise



Fire Department – Had 3 calls. Working on grants. Have had 3 controlled burns.

Ambulance – 4 calls. Fundraisers Easter, 4th of July, August golf outing.

Library – No Report.

Sheriff’s Department – Monthly Report.

Community Club – Music 3/22 at JR’s. Easter Egg Hunt will be held like last year at 4:00pm at the Elementary school.

KIB – Adult Prom on April 13th at the Lone Pine. Raising funds for 2nd sign on the North end of town and applying for a grant from Foundation of the Future.

Committee reports are as follows:

Streets & Sidewalks: Getting sweeper out next week. Getting drone pics to show Alliant dark spots.

Pool & Recreation: Clerk will attend job fair on March 27th to try to recruit workers. Heater will be installed in the Spring.

Building Permits: Reid & Jane Kuhlman, 701 Main Street, Re-Roof. Tom & Becky Forkenbrock, 815 1st Street, New Shed. Brown motioned to approve. Jared Diers second. Roll Call: Ayes: Brown, Jared Diers, Schilling, Jim Diers; Nays: 0. Motion carried.

Water & Sewer: Burrington Group was present to discuss the Water Main Looping Project. Council asked to change scope to 8” pipes. Burrington will go out for bids. Bids will be opened April 4th @ 11:00am. Public Hearing will be scheduled for April 15th @ 6:00pm.

Alison Leuchtenmacher, the new attorney to replace Steve McCorkindale was present to meet the Council and answer any questions.

Adjourned at 6:39 pm. Jared Diers motioned to adjourn. Jim Diers second. Roll Call: Ayes: Jared Diers, Schilling, Jim Diers, Brown; Nays: 0. Motion carried.



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