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Conference Attendance

By: News Release

Nov 11th, 2020

Hello Upper Iowa Conference (UIC) Parents and Students!  

The Governor in a proclamation on November 10th, established a mask requirement for attendance in all venues that have over 25 people in attendance.  Community members are required to have a mask on when entering the facility.  This is a state rule, and as a public school we are required to enforce this.  It is also a state mandate that we are also limited in attendance for two (2) spectators per participant, and the conference will be issuing two tickets to each student participant.  The only way you can enter is if you have this specific ticket.    

All schools will expect all fans to wear masks during the entire event.  Anyone not wearing a mask will be asked to leave the event.  The Iowa Department of Public Health has determined that mask-wearing has been beneficial in controlling the spread of COVID-19. This will give us our greatest chance to keep everyone safe and in school, which is where we want to be!

We do not like the mask rules or attendance limits anymore than anyone else.  We are hopeful that the virus will soon recede and we can get on with regular life.  These adjustments have not been taken lightly by our UIC superintendents. 

Thank you!  

Upper Iowa Conference Superintendents

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