Dairy Banqet


June 4, 2021

Johnson’s Reception Hall, Elkader

2021 Princess: Becky Schumann

Little Miss Squirt:: Briella Schutte

Alt. Little Miss Squirt: Brooklyn Martin

MASTERS OF CEREMONIES – Megan Kregel & Trent Henkes

WELCOME – Tony Goodrich, Clayton County Dairy Promotion Committee Chairman


2019 LITTE MISS SQUIRT – Jennifer Smith

2019 JUNIOR DAIRYMAN – Bradley Schroeder






2020 Qualifiers: Herd owners whose production average for either milk, fat, protein, or combined fat & protein

Are at the state breed average for the year January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 and completed 6 DHIA tests.

Qualifying Level:


Ayrshire 16,720 662 543 1,205

Brown Swiss 18,688 761 635 1,396

Guernsey 16,129 730 547 1,277

Holstein 24,484 958 768 1,726

Jersey 16,879 838 626 ` 1,464

Milking Shorthorn 16,970 619 525 1,144

Mixed 20,691 854 670 1,524


Brown Swiss Herds:

2020 Robert Brandt, Postville 52 20,050 811 690 1501 2019 Robert Brandt, Postville 56 18,937 749 644 1393

Guernsey Herds:

2020 Rolling Prairie Guernsey, Garnavillo 265 16,378 728 549 1277

2019 Rolling Prairie Guernsey, Garnavillo 254 16,171 718 541 1259

Holstein Herds:

2019 Jeff West, Farmersburg 170 24,979 944 797 1741

2019 Anderegg Farms, LLC, Guttenberg 124 22,002 940 686 1626

2020 Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader 74 23,591 907 735 1642

2019 Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader 71 25,545 955 802 1757

2020 Whitford Dairy, LLC, Volga 187 24,388 918 757 1675

2019 Whitford Dairy, LLC, Volga 188 25,231 933 795 1728

2020 Tim Walter, Luana 103 24,472 910 789 1699

2020 Scott & Suzy Hilgerson, Elkader 80 25,310 964 761 1725

2019 Scott & Suzy Hilgerson, Elkader 65 24,855 959 766 1725

2020 Tom, Sheila & Todd Johnson, Guttenberg 160 25,376 974 797 1771

2019 Tom, Sheila & Todd Johnson, Guttenberg 162 24,556 950 766 1716

2020 Mark Bischoff, Garnavillo 144 25,377 965 773 1738

2019 Mark Bischoff, Garnavillo 144 24,260 961 748 1709

2020 Trent Henkes, Luana 71 25,970 994 829 1823

2019 Trent Henkes, Luana 69 25,040 922 778 1700

2020 WesselCrest, Greeley 254 27,365 1135 922 2057

2019 WesselCrest, Greeley 248 28,744 1172 934 2106

2020 Terry Lenth, Luana 118 28,120 1044 843 1887

2019 Terry Lenth, Luana 109 29,184 1082 876 1958

2020 Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 132 30,987 1121 923 2044

2019 Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 119 29,624 1037 922 1959

Jersey Herds:

2020 Whitford Dairy, LLC, Volga 64 17,118 859 641 1500

2019 Whitford Dairy, LLC, Volga 59 16,756 837 630 1467

Mixed Herds:

2020 Tim & Kari Gaul, Guttenberg 92 23,979 939 765 1704

2019 Tim & Kari Gaul, Guttenberg 80 24,457 932 756 1688

2020 Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 219 29,625 1034 924 1958

2019 Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 102 30,195 1098 916 2014

2019 Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 100 29,628 1031 926 1957

Milking Shorthorn Herds:

2019 Larry Landsgard, St. Olaf 11 20,327 765 605 1370


Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 30,987 lbs. Milk 2044 C.F.P.


Wesselcrest, Greeley 27,365 lbs. Milk 2057 C.F.P.


Robert Brandt, Postville 20,050 lbs. Milk 1501 C.F.P.


Robert Brandt, Postville 20,050 lbs. Milk 1501 C.F.P.


Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 30,195 lbs. Milk 2014 C.F.P.


Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 30,195 lbs. Milk 2014 C.F.P.


Larry & Liane Thompson, Monona 55,000 SCC


Wesselcrest, Greeley Amplify Holsten 48,978 lbs. Milk


Wesselcrest, Greeley Makyah Holstein 3043 lbs. C.F.P.

11. HIGH 305 DAY MILK (colored breeds)

Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #859 Crossbred 43,611 lbs. Milk

12. HIGH 305 DAY C.F. P (colored breeds)

Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #859 Crossbred 2676 lbs. C.F.P.



The Clayton County Dairy Promotion Committee initiated a system 34 years ago of recognizing producers

with cows that produced in their lifetime 200,000 pounds of milk and/or 7,000 pounds of fat. Since 1986

there have been 347 cows enrolled in the club. 43 more cows achieved those lifetime production totals

since last year's awards presentation.

  1. Brown’s Dairy, Strawberry Point #23 (42WKS 3691)

  2. Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #306 (42WKS3306)

  3. Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #337 (42WLA9637)

  4. Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #766 (42WKS3366)

  5. Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #785 (42WLA9685)

  6. Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #782 (42WKS3382)

  7. Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #794 (42WLA9694)

  8. Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #275 (42WKA9175)

  9. Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #765 (42WKS3364)

  10. Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #338 (42WLA9368)

  11. Kent, Bryon & Sandra Franks, St. Olaf Jolie (115124701)

  12. Kent, Bryon & Sandra Franks, St. Olaf Janet (64410966)

  13. Loras Gerner, Garber 124 (42WKS4824)

  14. Trent Henkes, Luana Sophia (71337112)

  15. Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader Hazel (141009526))

  16. Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader Quella (139880108)

  17. Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader Scarlet (207818235)

  18. Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader Champay (139935947)

  19. Kregel Dairy, Guttenberg 644 (42TBZ3870)

  20. Terry Lenth, Luana O-874 (42TFK7419)

  21. Terry Lenth, Luana O-652 (42TCN3425)

  22. Terry Lenth, Luana O-842 (42TEZ5679)

  23. Terry Lenth, Luana O-805 (42TER2748)

  24. Terry Lenth, Luana O-832 (42TET7000)

  25. Jason Mueller, Strawberry Point Gem (42WJW4014)

  26. Rolling Prairie Guernsey, Garnavillo Noellen (68018820)

  27. Rolling Prairie Guernsey, Garnavillo Thursday (68027849)

  28. Rolling Prairie Guernsey, Garnavillo Kelusa (68042146)

  29. Rolling Prairie Guernsey, Garnavillo Chantiy (68008471)

  30. Rolling Prairie Guernsey, Garnavillo Lisa (66841030)

  31. Nathan & Rosie Ronnebaum, Edgewood 557 (42WKS6537)

  32. Nathan & Rosie Ronnebaum, Edgewood 614 (42WKZ6299)

  33. Jon & Keya Sleister, McGregor #322 (42WKM0546)

  34. Jon & Keya Sleister, McGregor #408 (42WKM0581)

  35. Larry & Liane Thompson & Jasen Thompson, Monona Clazapy (42WCL3651)

  36. Larry & Liane Thompson & Jasen Thompson, Monona Clrzasy (42WLC3655)

  37. Larry & Liane Thompson & Jasen Thompson, Monona Rizzo (42WKZ6836)

  38. WESSELCREST, Greeley Monroe (69226610)

  39. WESSELCREST, Greeley Michigan (66940612)

  40. WESSELCREST, Greeley Ardith (69954022)

  41. WESSELCREST, Greeley Aleah (66920430

  42. WESSELCREST, Greeley 16-Y (42WLB9992)

  43. WESSELCREST, Greeley 1019 (66937605)




13. OUTSTANDING YOUNG DAIRY PRODUCER AWARD... Sponsor -Virgil Kregel Memorial




Royalty Contest Sponsors:

Dairy Princess Crown and gift- Elliott's Jewelers, Waukon

Little Miss Squirt Crown- Elliott's Jewelers, Waukon

Alternate Little Miss Squirt Crown- Luana Savings Bank

Little Miss Squirt & Alternate Gifts- FreedomBank, Elkader & Monona & Postville

Royalty Sashes- - Precision Dairy Equipment, Elkader and embroidered by McJ’s, West Union

Name Badges for Royalty- Central State Bank, Elkader

Flowers- Prairieland Inc, Farmersburg and designed/assembled by Elkader Floral


Brooklynn Martins

Parents: Adam & Brianna Martins, Luana and Katelyn & Mike Peterson, Postville

Sponsor: Olson Hoof Trimming, Luana

Briella Schutte

Parents: Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona

Sponsor: Precision Dairy Equipment, Elkader


Rebecca Schumann

Parents: Bill & Sally Schumann, Garber

Sponsor: Garnavillo Mill

DAIRY PRODUCTS PROVIDED BY: Organic Valley, Prairie Farms, AMPI, DFA

BUTTER FOR EVERYONE: Provided by Clayton County Dairy Promotion, A.M.P.I, Wapsi Valley, Vita Plus (Stacy Zitelman), and Kwik Star, Inc.

FESTIVAL CONTRIBUTORS...In addition to the sponsors and contributors listed in the program, the dairy producers of Clayton County thanks the following for contributing to the 2021 dairy festival.

Cream $500+

FreedomBank, Elkader, Monona, Postville

Luana Savings Bank, Luana

Cheese $100-$249

Central State Bank, Elkader

CJ Moyna & Sons, Inc, Elkader

Edgewood Livestock Commission, Edgewood

Edgewood Vet Clinic, Edgewood

Foremost Farms , Baraboo, WI

Garms Financial Services, Elkader

Hall Roberts Son, Inc, Postville

Innovative Ag Services, Elkader & Monona

KCTN FM 100/KADR 1400, Elkader

Lang's Dairy Equipment, Inc, Decorah

Monona Veterinary Hospital, PC, Monona

New York Life Insurance /Lanny Kuehl, Garnavillo

Northeast Iowa Telephone Company, Monona

Silver Edge Cooperative, Edgewood

Swales Precast Inc, Strawberry Point

Three Rivers FS Company

Vorwald Enterprises, Inc, Monona

Wapsi Valley Creamery, Inc, Independence

Zuercher Trucking, Postville

Milk $25-$49

Bodley Equipment and Repair, Postville

Corby's Tire & Muffler, Elkader

D & J Feed Service, Monona

Edgewood Locker, Inc., Edgewood

Family Dentistry Associates, Monona

Fidelity Bank & Trust, Guttenberg

Guttenberg Veterinary Clinic, Guttenberg

Ihde's Inc, Garnavillo

Meuser Lumber Co, Guttenberg

New Vienna Ag Automation, New Vienna

Spahn & Rose Lumber Co., Dubuque

Subway, Monona

The Electric Motor Shop, Inc, Postville

Thompson Cnst/Monona Overhead Door, Monona

Butter $250-$499

Birdnow Chevrolet, Inc, Monona

Bodensteiner Implement, Elkader

Brown’s Sales & Leasing, Elkader & Guttenberg

Citizens State Bank, Strawberry Point

Elkader Veterinary Clinic, Elkader

Precision Dairy Equipment, Elkader

Yogurt $50-$99

Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative, Postville

Baumler Implement, West Union

Bruns & James Insurance, Monona

Brynsaas Sales & Service, Decorah

Casino Queen, Marquette

Clayton County Recycling, Monona

Equity Coop Livestock Sales Assn., Waukon

Farm Credit Services of America, Decorah

Farmers Savings Bank, Colesburg

Farmers Union Cooperative, Ossian

Garnavillo Oil Co, Garnavillo

Gregerson Electric, Inc, Elkader

Guttenberg Press, Guttenberg

K & C Feeds, Luana

Keppler Custom Hire, St. Olaf

M's Machine & Mfg. Co., Inc, Monona

Peoples State Bank, Guttenberg

Postville Veterinary Clinic, Postville

Stade Propane Inc, Garnavillo

St. Olaf Ag Services & Sales, St. Olaf

Treats on Bridge Street, Elkader

Torkelson Motors, Inc, Elgin

United Suckow Dairy Supply, LLC, West Union

Scholarship Winners

This is the fifth year the Clayton Co. Dairy Promotion Committee has offered scholarships to support our county’s youth education beyond high school. We are happy to announce the following recipients: Pierce Harbaugh, Hazen Loan and Kayleigh White.

Kayleigh White is the daughter of Heather Evans and Arlis White of Luana. Kayleigh will be transferring from Mount Mercy to NICC-Calmar to switching majors from nursing to Ag Business. She has held many offices in her 4H Club and was active in FFA (competing in various public speaking contests) and was our 2019-20 Dairy Princess. While enrolled at Mount Mercy she’s maintained a 3.9 GPA, made the Dean’s List and has been invited into collegiate National Honor Society. Kayleigh’s career goal is to be involved in animal nutrition sales. One of her letters of recommendation stated the following, “While Kayleigh’s career path has shifted in the past year, her desire and passion for being a person who cares for people has not.” Congratulations to Kayleigh! ($500)

Pierce Harbaugh is the son of Brian and Koral Harbaugh of Postville. Pierce will be graduating from Postville High School this May with plans to attend either NICC or Hawkeye CC for welding or diesel mechanics. Pierce has spent his life learning that hard work and dedication are a requirement of dairy farming (even serving as a past Jr Dairymen); he plans to continue that tradition while having off-farm employment in the trades. He has already earned a basic welding certificate and has gained hands-on experience through job shadowing. Additionally, Pierce has been extremely active in his church, 4H (serving on County Council), FFA, football and band. One of his letters of recommendation stated the following about him, “Pierce is a highly motivated individual who works hard to achieve his goals.” Congratulations to Pierce! ($250)

Hazen Loan is the son of Holly and Andy Loan of Elkader. Hazen will be graduating from Central this May with plans to study Agriculture Systems Technology at Iowa State University. He has been a very active member in 4H and has achieved multiple academic honors; including: KWWL Best of Class, Student of the Year from Clayton Co. Development, Supreme Honor Roll, and more. In the future Hazen wants to be a problem solver by introducing the latest technology to create a healthier environment and advance farming practices. One of his letters of recommendation had the following to say, “Hazen’s ability to solve problems and willingness to stick with a problem until it is solved make him a strong team member in and out of the classroom.” Congratulations to Hazen! ($250)


MFL Cheese Sales:

MFL Mar Mac class of 2021 did an outstanding job selling cheese curds as a prom fundraiser. We’d like to thank them for selling over 848 lbs of cheese!

Dairy Best Award

The Dairy Best award is presented annually to an eating establishment in Clayton County that does an outstanding job of serving real dairy products to the public.

Winner: Joe’s Pizza, Guttenberg

Joe's Pizza was established in 1982 in Jesup, Iowa. Joe's has always been family owned with attention given to making quality pizza for customers who want the very best. Rich Dlouhy started working at Joe's Pizza in Guttenberg as a kid helping his mother in 1997. He took over full ownership in 2008 and continues to carry on the tradition of serving the highest quality pizza, chicken and ice cream.

Restaurant manager Randi Bodish started working at Joe’s the summer of her senior year of high school in 2012 and she has remained and is engaged to Rich.

Summer is when Joe’s boasts 26 ice cream flavors. Last year they served just under 3,000 gallons of ice cream and used over 800 lbs of blended cheese, and almost 15,000 lbs of mozzarella. These numbers no not include cream cheese and sour cream as distribution was a challenge last year due to COVID 19.

The Clayton County Dairy Promotion thanks Rich and Randi for their support of the dairy industry.

Dairy Appreciation Award

The Clayton County Dairy Promotion Committee annually honors a person or business that supports the dairy industry.

Winner: Dr. Larry Moore

Dr. Larry Moore graduated from Iowa State University in 1978 and spent his 1st year of practice in Monroe, Wisconsin. He returned to his hometown of Postville in 1979 where he went into practice with Dr. R.F. Schneider. At that time they named the practice Postville Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Moore and Doc Schneider practiced out of Doc’s garage for 4 years until they moved to their 4 way location in downtown Postville, the site of the new Kwik Star in Postville. They continued to grow their practice until their building was destroyed by fire on March 22, 2004.

Through the years Dr. Moore has hired and inspired fellow veterinarians and students who have a passion for veterinary medicine and agriculture. He has partnered with the Iowa State Extension office and has hosted educational meetings on dairy production, calf nutrition, health and management and techniques of producing high quality, low somatic cell milk to name just a few.

Dr. Moore has welcomed veterinary students from Iowa State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota, Ohio, Missouri, and even Spain for internships. For years, Postville Veterinary Clinic supported the Work Study program at Postville High School and employed students who were interested in veterinary medicine and agriculture. Several of these students went on to become veterinarians and some have also become owners of Postville Veterinary Clinic.

Through the years Dr. Moore has supported many 4Hers by purchasing their animals at the conclusion of the fair Dr. Moore is proud to work for such dedicated dairymen and is happy when they get honors they so rightfully deserve, always happily writing letters of recommendation. He and the Postville Vet Clinic have sponsored various Clayton Co. Dairy Royalty and is always happy to be their escort.

In 1998 Dr. Moore served on a grassroots steering committee, the Northeast Iowa Community-Based Dairy Foundation, helped raise financial support and enthusiasm to bring this excellent facility to Northeast Iowa. In October 2000 the Dairy Center opened and Governor Vilsack proclaimed the Northeast Iowa Dairy Center, the “First Center for Excellence for Agriculture.”

Dr. Moore and the Postville Veterinary Clinic take great pride in servicing the Clayton Co. dairy farmers and promoting the Clayton Co. Fair. According to Dr. Moore, “The Clayton Co. Fair does an excellent job promoting and showcasing the talents and interests of our FFA and 4-H participants who will be our future and clients we will proudly serve.”

Dr. Moore and Mary Jo have been married 47 years. They have 4 married sons and 8 grandchildren. Congratulations to Dr. Larry Moore!

Senior Dairy Professional Award

The Senior Dairy Award honors individuals who have provided outstanding support to the dairy industry and producers.

Winner: Robert & Elizabeth Brandt

Robert & Elizabeth Brandt of Postville have been dairy farming for over 50 years. They milk 95 Registered Brown Swiss and Grade Holsteins and market their milk through Prairie Farms.

The farm was purchased in 1892 by Robert’s grandparents. The first registered Brown Swiss was a 4-H project calf for Robert’s father in 1929. Robert grew up on the present farm south of Postville, Elizabeth grew up on a registered Holstein farm between Boone and Ames. The herd has been closed and exclusively AI sired since the early 1970’s.

Robert earned a Dairy Science degree from Iowa State in 1968. After two years in the Navy, he returned to farm when his father, Ewald, was injured. He actively worked the farm until 2010 when he turned operations over to Russ and Nathan. Russ and Nathan tend to the daily operations and Robert and Elizabeth provide management and accounting assistance. Good friends and neighbors assist with fieldwork during planting and harvest.

Robert operated a computer and software sales and repair business for 30+ years, focusing on agricultural record keeping and farm clients. He has served as a director for Tri-State Breeders cooperative. Elizabeth served as secretary for the local Brown Swiss Canton

They have been long-time members of Postville Farmers Cooperative, now Farmers Union Cooperative and Mississippi Valley Milk Producers/Swiss Valley Farms, now Prairie Farms Cooperative. They are members of the St Paul Lutheran Church in Postville, National Dairy Shrine and the American Legion.

Robert and Elizabeth have 3 children. Russ, 50, lives on the home farm and dairy and crop farms. Amy, 45, lives with her family in Ames. She is a Senior Data Analyst with Iowa State University Foundation. Nathan, 38, lives with his family in Postville and is a dairy and crop farmer.

Congratulations to Bob and Elizabeth Brandt!

Outstanding Young Dairy Producer Award

The Outstanding Young Dairy Producer Award is a sincere effort to honor young dairy producers who have achieved excellence in managing their dairy enterprise, and have contributed leadership in the dairy industry and their communities. Nominees must be 40 years of age or younger to be eligible.

Sponsor: Virgil Kregel Memorial provided by the Kregel Family, winner also receives a semen certificate from Brian Lantzky – ABS.

Winner: Jeff & Jess Hillers, Millville

This year’s recipient is a couple who have worked very hard to accomplish their goal of being a true farming family. Coming from the southern end of the county, the pair was married in 2000 and have been active on the farm ever since. This year’s outstanding young dairy producers are Jeff and Jess Hillers.

Jeff and Jess operate Hillers Dairy Farm, which is home to 80 registered and grade Holsteins and nearly 200 acres of hay, oats and corn.

Jeff grew up on a dairy farm all his life and also gained experience working for Kruse Farms, Pattison Dairy and gaining valuable skills as a certified electrician. After going to the Navy for four years Jeff returned to the area and chose to go back to the family farm. In 2000 Jeff joined his parents, Bob and Joyce running their farm, buying into the operation on one-fourth.

Jeff married Jessica Essman in October that year, and she became a part of the operation, milking cows, feeding calves, driving tractors and helping with the daily operations of the farm. Jessica attended NE Iowa Community College and worked at G & G in accounting, before starting farming.

In 2005 they moved to the family farm. In 2008 a new milking parlor was built on the farm and Jeff & Jess bought in another ¼ interest and farmed 50/50 with his parents. The dairy operation expanded from 60 cows to 80. In 2017 Jeff and Jess purchased the home farm from his parents.

Tim (19) and Becca (16) are a big help on the farm. Although, Tim’s favorite thing is driving tractors, while watching for wildlife. He was Alt. Junior Dairyman in 2010. Becca also loves playing soccer and was the Clayton Co. Little Miss Squirt in 2015.

Jeff’s dad, Bob continues to help on the dairy farm with milking and putting in the crops and harvesting the hay and corn. Joyce helps out on occasion when needed. They are members of the Farm Bureau, Prairie Farms Coop, & Silveredge Coop. The family attends St. John’s Lutheran Church, where Jessica has spent many years as a Sunday school teacher and vacation bible school teacher.

Congratulations to Jeff and Jess Hillers, 2021 Clayton County Young Dairy Producers

Distinguished Dairy Producer Award

The Distinguished Dairy Producer Award honors dairy families and individuals who have achieved excellence in managing their dairy enterprise while contributing leadership to the dairy industry and their communities. Honoring these outstanding producers serves as a tribute to the time and effort they have put forth in advancing the dairy industry.

Winner: Jeff West

Jeff West was born and raised on the current dairy site.

At age 17 he decided he was going to farm with his parents, so he designed the new 46 stall stanchion barn which would be the first of many expansions. At age 21, Jeff went on shares with his mom and dad, and in 1999 when his parents decided to retire, Jeff incorporated the farm and he became sole owner of the cattle.

Jeff currently rents the farm and 273 acres from his mother. The farm took on the latest transition in 2014 when Jeff installed 3 Lely robots and switched to a new bedding system using manure solids. He then brought on Tony and Jamie Goodrich to help get the next generation started into dairying. The dairy then became known as WestRich Dairy and is currently milking around 155 Grade Holsteins.

When Jeff is not in the barn he is involved as the President of the Clayton County DHIA. In the past he has served as a delegate for Genex and Dairy Lab Services. In the community Jeff has been involved with the Opera House Players from 1978-1998, and he currently is a deacon for Grace Evangelical Free Church of Elkader

Congratulations Jeff on the Distinguished Dairy Producer Award.