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Depositing or Throwing Litter Charges

On March, 31, 2024 the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office received a report of box springs, beds and numerous bags of garbage thrown in the ditch on Echo Valley Road and Imperial Road.  Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the incident and charged 32-year-old Christopher Loren-Ray Zuercher of West Union with 29 counts of Depositing or Throwing Litter on Highway with fines totaling $4,596.50.  Zuercher was ordered to return to the scene and remove all the garbage he deposited in the presence of Sheriff’s Deputies.  Thank you to the citizens of Fayette County who reported this incident.  Northeast Iowa is arguably the most beautiful area in the state of Iowa.  We are all very fortunate to call Fayette County home.  Please help us keep it that way.   



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