Elkader Council

Updated: Sep 16

The Elkader City Council discussed the paving alignment issue as part of the Carter Street Rehab Project. The paving during phase one of the project is actually six inches off mark and a decision was needed for paving for Phase two. The alignment will continue as is until the intersection. The city will be looking for compensation from the Contractor or Engineer for the paving error.

The Council approved applying for a construction permit to the Iowa DNR for water and sanitary sewer extensions of Humphrey Street, Northeast. The council will discuss TIF rebates for the project at an upcoming meeting.

The City of Elkader will look at the possible Pedestrian access to the new development for the future Dollar General project, located next to the current Royal Products site.

The Elkader City Council met on Monday, September 13, 2021. Prior to the regular meeting at 6:30 p.m., Council members met with the engineer for the Carter Street Rehab project on-site and with residents. Tony Hauber, Peggy Lane and Daryl Koehn were in attendance. The engineer presented three options to correct the current misalignment: continue down the current path with the misalignment of 6 inches; phase in the misalignment until it is the planned alignment or remove and add concrete. Two residents were in attendance and two others shared their opinions with staff to pass on to Council. Council will decide this matter in regular session.

At 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, Mayor Josh Pope called the regular session meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call was taken. Roll call: Present: Peggy Lane, Tony Hauber, Randy Henning, Daryl Koehn and Bob Hendrickson.

Lane moved to approve the consent agenda. Hauber seconded the motion.

Roll call: Aye: Koehn, Lane, Hendrickson, Hauber, Henning

Nay: none

Consent Agenda (Items on the consent agenda are considered routine in nature and all items are passed in one motion. In order to have an item voted on individually, it must be removed from the consent agenda.)

  1. Minutes from the August 23, 2021 meeting

  2. Bills (August 20-September 9, 2021)

  3. Financial reports (reconciled Treasurer’s report, budget by function, revenue report, receipts by fund report)

  4. Approval of home purchase incentive (new home purchase – Arce-Jaimes at 503 Oak Ave NW; Bergan at 803 N. Main; Richard at 107 Reimer St SW; McShane at 125 S. Main Street)

  5. Preliminary Approval of application for urban revitalization incentive (tax abatement) for 201 N. Main Street

  6. Approval of Resolution 2021-58 – Resolution to accept a proposal from Origin Design for inspection services for the biennial inspection of the Keystone Bridge

  7. Approval of Resolution 2021-60 – Approving agreement with the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities to provide Iowa Safety Education Program

  8. Approval of Resolution 2021-61 - Approving proposal from Eastern Iowa Pumping Inc. for sludge hauling from the wastewater treatment facility

  9. Approval of Resolution 2021-62 – Resolution approving agreement with Clayton County Energy District for Blink car charging station

  10. Pay request #4 for JB Holland for the Carter Street Rehab project ($192,809.63)

  11. Approval of request to close Johnson Street NE and Miller Street NE for ACMOC National Show September 16-19, 2021; permission to have fireworks on Saturday, September 18, 2021 at the east end of Miller Street NE (on property owned by AJJ, LLC)

Public commentsJulie Doeppke was in attendance to thanks the community for their help during the flood and share a few concerns: process for shutting off power to the buildings; communication between departments, and she shared a concern about the wall under the former fire station site.

Discuss pavement alignment for Phase 1 of the Carter Street Rehab Project; make decision on alignment for Phase 2; possibly make decision on overall resolution to concern with contracts Jake Huck from MSA Professional Services was in attendance to update the Council on the situation. The contractor provided a resolution to the engineers to review. The contractor’s suggested resolution was to keep the current, not planned, alignment through Phase 2 and correct it at the intersection of Haven’s and Carter Street. Koehn moved to continue with the current street alignment bringing it back to the planned alignment at the intersection and to consider retaining funds from the contractor at the end of the project. Lane seconded the motion.

Roll call: Aye: Koehn, Lane, Hendrickson, Hauber, Henning

Nay: none

Discuss extension of Humphrey Street NE (to the east of Johnson Street NE): 1) approve submission of construction permit applications to Iowa Department of Natural Resources for water and sanitary sewer extension and 2) discuss TIF rebates for project Roger Mohn from Mohn Surveying was in attendance to explain the street extension of Humphrey Street NE in the Industrial Park and answer questions. Providing a TIF rebate to the developer was also discussed. Lane moved to approve the submission of construction permit applications to the IDNR for the water and sanitary sewer extensions. Henning seconded the motion.

Roll call: Aye: Koehn, Lane, Hendrickson, Hauber, Henning

Nay: none

Discussion regarding the TIF rebates will continue at a future meeting.

Administrative staff update:

  1. Projects from August 2021 flood Staff reviewed the projects as a result of the most recent flood. Discussion on moving forward with projects will continue at a future meeting.

  2. Pedestrian access to new development Staff updated the Council on a building permit received for a retail business at the northeast corner of High Street and Gunder Road. The plan submitted did not include pedestrian access to the site. Council agreed some sort of access needs to be provided. Two options were presented and Hendrickson moved to approve moving forward with the idea of a narrow crossing near the intersection if the business will provide an internal sidewalk on their lot. Henning seconded the motion.

Roll call: Aye: Koehn, Lane, Hendrickson, Hauber, Henning

Nay: none

Staff was also directed to share the storm water plan with the property owner to the north since they came to the Council already with concerns.

Questions and concerns of the council Council shared appreciation for all that worked on the flood preparations; a question was asked about damage to the pillars on the dam; a committee for the Mobile Food Vendor ordinance has been established and updates will be provided as they work.

Koehn moved to adjourn the meeting. Hauber seconded the motion. Council voted unanimously to adjourn. Mayor Pope declared the meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.