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Fayette Releases

After a week long investigation the Fayette County Sheriff's office filed two charges on Kian Lee Halverson, age 26 of Hawkeye. Halverson was found to be in a relationship with a minor female and was charged with Sex abuse in the 2nd degree, a class B Felony and sex abuse in the second degree, a class D Felony. A warrant was issued and Halverson was arrested Friday the 20th and was later released on a $25,000.00 bond. If convicted, Halverson could spend up to 25 years in prison and be required to register on the state sex offender registration for life.

On 1/22/23, at approximately 7:05 AM the Fayette County Sheriff's Office received a call of a vehicle in the ditch North of Waucoma. Upon the Deputies arrival it was learned that 23-year-old Alicia Klimish of Waucoma, was driving a 2005 Ford Focus, when she lost control due to the weather conditions and went into the west ditch. No injuries were reported. The vehicle was believed to be totaled. The accident remains under investigation.

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