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Flood Cleanup

As the river continues to recede Crawford County and Prairie du Chien Officials have scheduled a community cleanup day for residents and property affected by the flood. The cleanup will be on Wednesday, May 17 starting at approximately 9:30 a.m. at personal property and public spaces that have called 211 to get on the list. If you need assistance, please call 211.

Prairie du Chien High School students and staff, community volunteers, city employees, county employees will be working throughout the day. A special thanks to the Prairie du Chien High School and Patti Bailey’s volunteers for the generosity and time assisting in this project.


If you have sandbags and you want to dispose of them, please take them to the city parking lot behind the radio station. Cut open the bag and place sand in a pile and discard the sandbag in the trash receptacle that has been provided.

PLEASE CALL 211 If assistance is needed so city and county officials can establish a list of work to be completed. Businesses and residents are encouraged to call.


  • North Main St is closed from Pine Street to McLeod Street

  • Washington Street from North Main Street to St. Feriole Island

  • Portions of St. Feriole Island

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