Habitat Restoration

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, is seeking comments on its draft feasibility report and integrated environmental assessment for its proposed Lower Pool 10 habitat rehabilitation and enhancement project on the Upper Mississippi River near Guttenberg, Iowa. The proposed project would result in the protection and restoration of about 630 acres of riverine, backwater and floodplain habitat. The specific purpose of this project is to restore wetland and aquatic habitat within the Lower Pool 10 of the Upper Mississippi River. This will be done by protecting the existing island remnants and restoring those that have already been lost. Connectivity between channels and backwaters would be restored to a more natural condition. A draft feasibility report with integrated Environmental Assessment and subsequent appendices were prepared and coordinated in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act and can be viewed at: https://www.mvp.usace.army.mil/Home/Public-Notices/. Any comments on the draft feasibility report should be provided before Nov. 15. Persons submitting comments are advised that all comments received will be available for public review, to include the possibility of posting on a public website. Questions on the project or the feasibility report should be directed to Trevor Cyphers at (651) 290-5031 or at trevor.w.cyphers@usace.army.mil. Please address all correspondence on this project, to District Commander, St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers, ATTN: Regional Planning and Environment Division North, 180 Fifth Street East, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101 - 1678.