Health Rankings

2022 County Health Rankings Recently Released

The County Health Rankings rank the overall health of nearly every county in all 50 states. The Rankings allow counties to see how they compare to other counties within the state based on a range of factors that influence health including high school graduation rates, obesity, smoking, and family and social support. The data shows how these factors shape community conditions, while highlighting the stark differences in health that stem from injustices and barriers to opportunity. Communities use these rankings to build support for local health improvement initiatives by engaging many sectors including public health, health care, businesses, policy makers and community members.

The Rankings include a snapshot of each county and includes ranking for Health Outcomes (how long people live and how healthy they feel) and Health Factors (health behaviors, clinical care, social-economic-physical environment factors).

In the 2022 report, Crawford County ranked 37th in Health Outcomes and 59th in Health Factors, putting the county in the bottom half of the rankings statewide. Crawford County remains somewhat stable in Health Outcomes yet does have some challenges when looking at health factors. The data shows that an increase in unemployment and children living in poverty are among Crawford County’s challenges, while a strength for the county is the low percentage of uninsured residents.

Crawford County Health Officer, Sonya Lenzendorf shares, “The County Health Rankings are one tool we use to assess and monitor the health of the county. It can be used to help us and our partners to identify areas to address barriers and build on strengths to support our residents in living a healthy life.”

For more information on County Health Rankings, and detailed data for Crawford County visit and the Crawford County Health Department website at .