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Hit and Run/Fleeing

Hit and Run with Injuries and Fleeing 

On May 17, 2024 at 5:18 PM the Grant County Sheriff's Office received a call regarding a two vehicle crash on Hwy 35 at Budworth School Rd, Beetown Township, in Grant County. The caller also reported that one of the vehicles, a green Jeep, fled the scene going south on Budworth School Rd, from Hwy 35.  

The investigating deputy responded to the scene and met with Michael Henfrey, 61, of Bryant, IA, and his wife. Michael had been driving a  newer Chevrolet Silverado, going south on Hwy 35 at Budworth School Rd when the Jeep, which had been going south on Budworth School  Rd, failed to stop at the stop sign. Michael said that the driver, a male, turned the Jeep around and then drove away, going south on Budworth  School Rd. Michael and his wife both reported there being two people in the Jeep. Michael's wife reported an injury to her right knee but did not wish to have EMS respond.  

Based on a recent incident with Chad Klein, age 47 of rural Cassville, driving a green Jeep Wrangler fleeing from a Grant County deputy, it was believed that Chad was the driver of the Jeep in this incident. The Cassville Police Department assisted the Sheriff's Office and went toward Chad's residence to try to locate the Jeep and Chad. That officer saw Chad driving the Jeep on Garden Prairie Rd near his house. Chad fled from the officer in the Jeep, pulled into his residence, and then fled on an ATV behind his house.  

The investigating deputy eventually learned that Chad's juvenile daughter was in the Jeep at the time of the crash and also Deputie reported a minor injury from it.  

As deputies were leaving Chad's residence, one of them saw Chad coming back on the ATV. The deputy turned around to try stopping Chad who, again fled on the ATV, across the farm field, and into the woods.  

The deputies were not able to locate Chad after that.  

The Grant County Sheriff's Office will be referring a criminal charge for Hit and Run to an Attended Vehicle Causing Injury, a Felony, as well as issuing citations for Fail to Stop at Stop Sign, Operator Fail to Report Accident to Police, and Operate a Motor Vehicle Without Insurance. The Cassville Police Department will be referring for Fleeing and the Sheriff's Office may have a referral for fleeing on the ATV.  

The Grant County Sheriff's Office was assisted by the Cassville Police Department as well as Arrow Towing of Lancaster.  

The Grant County Sheriff's Office is actively trying to locate Chad Klein regarding this and a previous incident, as well as warrants for his arrest. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 608-723-2157 or call Grant County Crimestoppers at 1-800-789-6600. 



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