Keystone Bridge Update

An update on the Keystone Bridge project: The rehab of the Keystone Bridge project was let in March through the IaDOT bid process. One bid was received for the Keystone Bridge Rehab project. It has been decided to reject this bid and re-bid in either July or August. This decision was made based on the costs coming in much greater than the norm. This project is bundled with a project in Bremer County and they were involved in this decision as well. The City plans to work with their project engineer plan to have a pre-bid meeting. Providing more detail and explanation of the project may result in more bids and more competitive bids. With the later letting date, it is very likely no work will be done this construction season. However, that won’t be known until the contractor is in place. It is possible a portion of project, such as tuckpointing, can be worked for a month or two.


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