Manchester Arrest

The Manchester Police Department received a complaint of a subject causing a disturbance at 121 South Franklin Street on April 22nd at 11:35pm. When Officer Comer arrived on the scene they found a subject getting off the ground using obscene language attempting to draw others into a physical altercation. Officer Comer attempted to arrest the subject, the defendant resisted arrest by pulling away from Officer Comer and striking him with a closed fist. The defendant was assisted to the ground and taken into custody. A search of the defendant arrested uncovered drug paraphernalia and an illegal narcotic. Officers also observed the defendant appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Officer Comer sustained minor injuries to one of his hands during the altercation


Michael Jay Whalen Age 46 of Strawberry Point, Iowa


Possession of Controlled Substance (Marijuana) Serious Misdemeanor

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Simple Misdemeanor

Disorderly Conduct Simple Misdemeanor

Public Intoxication Simple Misdemeanor

Interference with Official Acts (Causing Bodily Injury) Serious Misdemeanor

Assault On Persons in Certain Occupation Aggravated Misdemeanor