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Narcotics Related Search

On 7-8-24, at approximately 9:00PM, the Fayette County Sheriff's Office executed a narcotic related search warrant at 108 W Elm St. in Randlaia IA. Information stemmed from an accident investigation earlier that evening. During a search of the residence, a marijuana grow operation was discovered, including green leafy substances, drying racks, plant hangers, grow lights, numerous marijuana plants, and firearms. 58 firearms, including loaded assault rifles, shotguns, and pistols were found and seized. Over 300 marijuana plants were discovered and seized at the property. Clyde Taylor Picket, 75 of Randalia IA, was arrested and charged with Possession With Intent to Deliver of a Controlled Substance-Marijuana, Failure to Affix Drug Tax Stamp, both D Felonies and 2 counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance, both serious misdemeanors. Picket is currently at Fayette County Jail, on a $5,000 cash/surety bond.



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