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Parked Vehicle Rammed

On March 17, 2024 at approximately 6:53 pm, the Grant County Sheriff's Office took a complaint about an illegally parked vehicle on W Main St in the village of Dickeyville from Terrance Droessler, 76 of Dickeyville. Droessler was upset because the offending vehicles rear bumper was in the yellow zone on the curb near his driveway. Before law enforcement was able to respond to the scene it was reported that Droessler drove his car, a 2003 Buick Park Avenue, down his driveway and rammed the parked vehicle twice with his Buick Park Avenue. The parked vehicle was a 2002 Ford Explorer. The owner was from Potosi. The caller who reported this incident was sure Droessler did this on purpose. Upon law enforcement arriving on scene Droessler was interviewed by a Grant County Deputy. Droessler admitted he was upset by this vehicle being illegally parked so he rammed it with his car. Droessler was arrested for criminal damage to property and transported to the Grant County Jail. Droessler later posted bond and was released from Jail.



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