Prairie du Chien Board

The Prairie du Chien School Board approved covid plans for the district, with plans effective on Monday, February 15th. For B.A. Kennedy they approved a recommendation of moving back to five days a week on April 5th, with 3K and 4K staying the current model. Bluff View Elementary would return to five days a week, with student options of virtual or five days. Bluff View Middle School going back to five days a week with student options of 5-days, Cohort, or Virtual. High School to stay in the current model and the same three student options as the Middle School. The plan also calls for maintaining social distancing in the classrooms and include some additional staff.

The Board approved the Soccer Co-ops with Seneca and River Ridge.

The also accepted the retirements of Gary Morovits as Custodian, David Antoniewicz as High School Math and Tammy Antoniewicz as High School Spanish Teacher. Lynn Larson as High School Art Teacher, Dawn McCoy for Speech and Language and Julie Bell as Food Service Cook.


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