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Scam Alert

From the Grant County Sheriff's Department--

The Sheriff's Office has received two recent complaints from citizens who have received phone calls from someone identifying themselves as "Deputy Duane Jackson" of the Grant County Sheriff's Office. The individual was hard to understand, but stated person was due to be in court on November 15th for a defamation hearing, and she failed to appear. The individual stated the order for her to appear was issued by "Judge Gortz." The phone number on the person's caller ID was actually the Sheriff's Office's main phone number, and the individual knew the person's home address.

Obviously, this is a scam, and the person who reported it to us did the right and told the caller that she would call the Sheriff's Office to verify before doing anything. That was when the call ended.

Because there were two back-to-back complaints of this, we felt it best to warn the public that these calls are going on. When in doubt, do not give any information; ask for a callback number and then consult with someone to see if you should call back.

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