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Service Award


Service Award

The Service Award is presented to someone who directs their time and energy to making the greatest impact on the community they serve by incorporating new ideas, technology, and other strategies. Recipients are cutting-edge idea people who are creative, innovative, fearless, progressive and act as an agent of positive change.

This year’s recipient is someone who has made an outstanding contribution to all aspects of emergency management in their community. His innovative approaches, leadership skills, and unwavering dedication have significantly elevated their ability to respond to, recover from, and mitigate many different types of emergencies. 

Crawford County Emergency Management Director Jim Hackett’s supporters describe him as someone who has revolutionized the work done in the communities he serves, by expanding access to critical training, acquiring grant funding for programs, and obtaining life-saving equipment for departments. He has improved response capabilities while also serving as an advocate for the health and well-being of others.

In just the past year, Jim was on the front lines of the response to major flooding in Crawford County and along the Mississippi River, while simultaneously supporting the response to a large-scale train derailment that attracted international attention. Jim approached both incidents with great professionalism and worked with numerous partners to help carry out an effective response.

Jim is described as someone who is a truly exceptional individual, whose dedication and contributions have left an indelible mark on his community and the field of Emergency Management. What sets Jim apart is not just his impressive resume, but the genuine passion and unwavering commitment he brings to every aspect of his work. 



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