Sheriffs Adopting Sheriffs

The Grant County Sheriff's Office is reaching out to all in Grant County to request a financial donation to support the Badger State Sheriffs' Association's "Sheriffs Adopting Sheriffs" (SAS) Hurricane Ida assistance program.

Each of Wisconsin's 72 Sheriffs Offices has the opportunity to assist Sheriffs employees in Louisiana who worked to provide life-saving assistance to area residents. At the same time, their families and properties suffered significant losses.

The SAS Project Goal: To provide direct financial assistance to identified Sheriffs employees in Louisiana who suffered devastating personal losses due to Hurricane Ida.

The BSSA "Sheriffs Adopting Sheriffs" goal is to raise $10,000 for each "adopted" Sheriffs employee by October 15th. We realize this is a great effort, and we urgently need your participation. We also encourage you to reach out to other family and friends and allow them the opportunity to make a small financial contribution to help these Louisiana Sheriffs employees in need.

There are nearly 53,000 people living in Grant County and think what could be raised if every adult could walk into the Grant County Sheriff’s Office and donate just $5. Also consider what could be raised if every business in the county sent a check for just $25 to the Sheriff’s Office. Additional, think what could be raised if every type of civic organization in the county made a $50 contribution to the Sheriffs Adopting Sheriffs program.

Please know that every dollar raised will go directly to these Louisiana Sheriffs' families in need. Every dollar! When so many are in need, let's all make an effort to reach out and help others in their time of great need.

Thank you for considering this request.

Sheriff Nate Dreckman

Badger State Sheriffs' Association President

Get the word out – our project deadline is October 15th.

PLEASE consider a financial donation. Time is Critical.

*Checks can be made out to the Grant County Deputy Sheriff's Association *

P.O. Box 506 Lancaster, WI 53813

8820 Hwy 35/61/81 – P.O. Box 506 – Lancaster, WI 53813 608.723.2157 – Fax 608.723.2377