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Taxpayer Notification

A recent law change requires County Auditors to mail a statement to all County taxpayers by March  20th of each year with state-specified information related to proposed local government budgets and  proposed property tax rates. (Iowa Code 24.2A)  

The information being presented is for taxes payable in September 2024 and March 2025. You should  receive this mailing if you expect to receive a property tax bill in September. The statement is not a  property tax bill. It includes data for proposed City, K-12 School District and County budgets but  does not include proposed budgets for smaller taxing authorities, such as the community college,  assessor’s office, townships and agricultural extension service.  

The purpose of the statement is to provide taxpayers with information about the proposed City, K-12  School District and County budgets in time for the taxpayers to address the proposals at public  hearings held before the budgets are approved. The date, time and location of the hearings are  included in the mailing. The budgets requests may be lowered after the hearings but not raised.  

Included on the statement is the impact of the proposed City, K-12 School and County property tax  rates on both a $100,000 residential property and a $100,000 commercial property. The actual impact  of the tax rates on your property could be quite different than the examples in the statement, which do  not factor in any possible change in the assessed value. If your property value was recently reassessed  to a higher amount, the example on the statement will not accurately reflect the effect of your valuation  increase on your property taxes.  

Taxpayers owning more than one property may receive multiple letters if those properties are in  different tax districts.  

For additional information regarding this statement you can go online to the Department of  Management’s website at on or after March 20, 2024 or you can  contact the County Auditor’s Office at (563) 927-4701.  



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