Volga City Council

The Volga City council held the May meeting on Monday, May 9, 2022 at 505 Washington Street. Mayor Taylor called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Council members Crystal Nicholson, Elaine Follon, Dennis Christeleit, George Duff and Alex Fettkether answered Roll Call. Mike Howard, Ariel Endsley, Jody Klingman, and Tom Crandall were also present.

Council discussed the Greenspace Use Agreement form presented as the Volga City Property Use Agreement. Motion by Duff to add the following items to the agreement and present to VCTC, Inc for signatures for the 2022 events: Section 1(h) The renting party is responsible for any and all damages. Section 1(i) The City Council reserves the right to revoke this agreement at any time. Second by Follon. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Motion by Duff to move the dust control item on the agenda. Second by Christeleit. All voted in favor. Motion carried. Council discussed the condition of Oak Street. Motion by Christeleit to reshape, place rock, and apply one application of dust control to Oak Street this year. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Public Comments:

Mayor Taylor thanked all volunteers for assisting with the Grocery Delivery Program to date.

Ariel Endsley discussed developing a website and system for handling all Camping Registrations with a credit card, and to look at the City’s website. She requested the greenspace map be outlined for VCTC event control.

Updates on Focus Areas:

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Grants: Mayor Taylor discussed the Rural Surface Transportation Grant, the City Bridge Program, and the Connecting Communities Grant opportunities.

Property Cleanup: Reminder letters were sent out in April, with most responding or participating in clean up days. For those not responding by the June 6th meeting, Council will have action item on agenda.

At large animals: Council discussed current situation of cats at large and Council will have action item on the June 6 agenda.

Department Updates

Water/Sewer Department: Rates are on Year 4 of the scheduled increase in the City Code for July 1 payments. Sale of water to outside entities was discussed for clarification of costs in the City Code. Council will have the First Reading of the amended Ordinances at the June 6 meeting to address distribution of the rate increase and sale of water to outside parties.

Motion by Fettkether to table approval of the Consumer Confidence Report for 2021 Samples until the June 6 meeting. Second Duff. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Mayor Taylor provided an update on the Water Pressure Project and timeline moving forward.

Public Works

Motion by Duff to table decision on a maintenance plan for the subdivision streets until costs are presented. Second by Follon. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Motion by Follon to have public works look into making repairs with materials on hand for the ramp and railing at 505 Washington Street. Second Nicholson. All voted in favor. Motion carried.


Alliant Energy Franchise Agreement: The document proposed was not received in time to determine action needed.

City Clerk wages and hours: Clerk was asked to gather software and wage information for the June meeting.

Motion by Duff to appoint the Mayor to serve as Floodplain Administrator as of July 1, 2022. Second by Christeleit. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Park Board:

Motion by Follon to have the Park Board establish a Christmas Street Light Committee and allow Committee authority to spend money that has been donated or fundraised for that purpose. Second by Duff. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Motion by Christeleit to authorize signatures on the grant agreement for the Clayton County Foundation for the Future award ($1000). Second by Nicholson. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Library City Hall Planning Committee

The Committee met with Josh Demmer last week to discuss floodplain requirements and plans for the project. Additional meetings will be held to review the final plans and costs once floodplain items are finalized.

Clayton County Development Group updates: The Mayor reminded everyone to complete the housing survey to assist with future grant efforts.

The Consent Agenda was presented with the following items: 1) Minutes, 2) Claims, 3)Treasurer’s Report –April 2022, 4) Bank Reconciliation –April 2022, 5) Monthly Budget Report, and 6) Application for Building Permit: Gary Jellings, 605 West Street. Motion by Fettkether to accept the Consent Agenda. Second by Duff. All voted in favor. Motion carried.

Delinquent Utilities were reviewed and shutoffs and lien notices were authorized.

Motion by Fettkether to adjourn. Second by Duff . All voted in favor. Meeting was adjourned at 9:37pm.