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West Union Council

Council Chambers, City Hall, July 1, 2024, at 6:00 P.M.

West Union City Council met July 1, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. in Council

Chambers with Mayor Cameron Granger presiding. The meeting began with the

Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance Present: DeBack, Gumm, McElree, Miller, and Tope.

Approval of the Motion to amend the agenda, adding #13E: Sidewalk Ordinance, #13F: Golf

Agenda course bridge planks, and #13G: Noon whistle, was made by Gumm, seconded by Tope. All Aye. Carried.

Approval of Minutes Motion was made by Tope, seconded by McElree, to approve the June 17,

2024, Regular Council Meeting minutes as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Approval of Motion to approve Fireworks Permit for Bruce Fink and Matt Burrington for July

Fireworks Permit for 5th was made by Gumm, seconded by Miller. All Aye. Carried. Display will be at

Bruce Fink and Matt 410 Auburn St., and Certificate of Insurance has been provided by Fink.


Approval of Fehr Jon Biederman from Fehr Graham has received video reports from CIT Sewer

Graham Engineering Solutions regarding infiltration areas in the sanitary sewer collection system.

Services for Sanitary He will prioritize repairs as the remainder of the reports come in. Motion to

Sewer Repairs from approve engineering services from Fehr Graham at cost of time and materials for

CIT Reports sanitary sewer repairs from the CIT reports was made by McElree, seconded by Tope. All Aye. Carried.

Approval of Motion to approve additional engineering fees of $6,000 to McClure Engineering

Additional for the airport taxiway widening was made by Gumm, seconded by DeBack. All

Engineering Fees for Aye. Carried.

Airport Taxiway

Approval to Sponsor Motion to approve sponsorship of Palmer Memorial Foundation Golf

Palmer Memorial Tournament was made by McElree, seconded by Miller. All Aye. Carried. City

Foundation Golf will pay $700, and the Chamber and Fair Boards will pay $500, to sponsor at the

Tournament $1,200 Ace Level.

Approval of Liquor Motion to approve liquor permit renewal for Gus & Tony’s Townhouse was made

Permit Renewal for by DeBack, seconded by Gumm. All Aye. Carried.

Gus & Tony’s


Approval of Resolution Motion to approve Resolution 2024-32 for salary increases as recommended by

2024-32 Salary the Benefits Committee was made by Gumm, seconded by Tope. All Aye. New

Increases wages will be effective starting with hours on July 1st, 2024.

Approval of June Motion to approve June 2024 expenditures totaling $623,603.56 was made by

2024 Expenditures Gumm, seconded by Miller. All Aye. Carried.


Access Systems-Copier 239.72

AFLAC-Insurance 183.42

All Stop-Fuel 738.05

Allamakee-Clayton Econ Dev-Loans 3,000.00

Allamakee-Clayton Electric-Electric Bills 5,514.21

Amazon-Supplies 618.70

American Waterworks-Repairs 149.00

Association for Rural Libraries-Dues 125.00

AT&T Mobility-Phones 258.51

Baker & Taylor-Books 253.13

Baumler Implements-Supplies 17.65

Ben Mabb-Umpiring 90.00

Black Hills-Gas 527.10

Bodensteiner Imp-Supplies 63.56

Cael Reichter-Umpiring 210.00

Casey’s-TIF 6,319.21

CenturyLink-Phones 294.91

City Laundering-Supplies 1,075.52

Cline Construction-Services 2,650.00

Consolidated Energy-Diesel 1,172.45

Consumer Reports-Subscription 30.00

CoreMark-Supplies 1,576.81

Croell RediMix-Concrete 320.50

Dakota Supply Group-Supplies 774.05

Dale Bilden-City Hall Janitorial 150.00

EFTPS-Payroll Taxes 29,129.79

Eurofins-Testing 398.86

Family Dollar Store-License Refund 113.75

Farm Plan (Norby’s)-Supplies 661.59

Fay Co Auditor-Geo Electric 249.76

Fay Co Recorder-Fees 7.00

Fay Co Union-Publications 752.23

Fehr Graham-Engineering 7,500.00

Gage & Gage-Supplies 131.21

Gordon Flesch-Copier 127.26

Granger Construction-Services 2,115.00

Gus & Tony’s-Meeting 48.15

Hawkeye Communication-Inspections 484.22

Hawkins, Inc-Chlorine Cylinders 6,636.90

IA Dept of Revenue-Taxes 1,831.70

Ingram-Books 239.66

Iowa Finance Authority-Loans 372,312.03

Iowa One Call-Fees 44.10

IPERS-Retirement 18,354.33

Jenna Grimes-Supplies 140.00

Jesse Stanbrough-Meals 33.04

Jill Clark-Mileage 36.85

Kenny Kerr-Umpiring 90.00

Kent Halverson-Airport Mgmt 635.00

Kerndt Bank-Fees 156.00

KSB Solar-Solar Fees 2,064.14

Layne Meyer-Land Parcel 5,000.00

Lee Barness-Vision 392.00

Lincoln Investment-457b Plan 5,264.75

Lynch Dallas-Legal Fees 840.00

Marco-Copiers 141.12

McJ’s-Shirts 160.00

Megan McDonald-Testing,Dental,Vision 409.01

Midwest Living-Magazine 12.00

Napa-Supplies 99.06

North Central Labs-Supplies 327.55

Northern Balance-Services 126.50

Nutrien Ag Solutions-Chemicals 41.00

OrTec-Supplies 1,259.50

Petty Cash-Postage 47.29

Quillin’s-Supplies 431.19

RNR Solar-Solar Fees 1,901.08

Ryan Wagner-Firemen Compensation 660.00

Sandry Fire Supply-Testing 1,561.25

Shawn Gilson-Coaching 100.00

Signs By Design-Banners 264.00

Sim’s TV-Supplies 179.00

Sisco Premium Trust-Insurance 24,133.78

Spahn & Rose-Supplies 17.38

Storey Kenworthy-Supplies 209.62

Taylor Hepperle-Dental,Supplies,Meals 452.00

The Standard-Insurance 423.36

Tom Grapes-Umpiring 120.00

Treasurer-St of Iowa-Taxes 3,726.71

Unified Contracting-Repairs 2,680.64

US Postmaster-Postage 485.48

Utility Equipment-Supplies 1,291.90

Visa-Supplies 3,116.41

Washington National-Insurance 125.85

WU District Energy-Geo 280.00

WU Hardware-Supplies 71.96

Wex Bank-Fuel 134.46

Wright Way Computers-Support 687.50

Yelloh-Supplies 360.70

Total Payroll 95,515.15


Total Claims $623,603.56


General $147,386.59 $70,811.94

Fire Equipment Replacement

Road Use Tax 18,947.72 39,701.06

Employee Benefits 20,188.60 2,449.79

LOST 18,808.77

TIF 6,319.21

Revolving Loan Fund

Library Donations 248.00

Cemetery Donations 420.00

Debt Service 26,000.00 26,497.44

Capital Improvement 7,500.00

Airport Project 5,012.21

Bridge Project

Equipment Revolving

Perpetual Care 2,667.38 420.00

Water 19,760.21 36,152.15

Capital Water Fee 5,723.25

Sewer 25,521.82 26,452.60 Capital Sewer Fee 63,874.62

Sewer Sinking Fund 346,312.03 71,041.00

Capital Sewer Projects 3,000.00

Storm Water 4,456.05

-------------------- --------------------

Totals $623,603.56 $372,068.88

Discuss TIF for West Discussion on TIF for West Union Development Group, with the closing of

Union Development Family Dollar/Dollar Tree, and Farmer’s Union Cooperative, who plans to move

Group and Farmer’s the super scale to Manchester, which have TIF allocated to both projects.

Union Cooperative Reimbursements are scheduled to start this year. Motion to have Dorsey Bond

Counsel send a breach of contract letter to each to determine the future use of the

buildings was made by McElree, seconded by Miller. Abstain- Gumm. All Rest- Aye. Carried.

Discuss E Plum St Discussion on E Plum St drainage issue. Motion to move forward with Granger

Drainage Issue Construction working with Street Dept to place concrete culvert, pipe, and grate to fix drainage problem was made by McElree, seconded by Tope. All Aye. Carried.

Comments and Preconstruction meeting for Gateway Trail was held and work will start

Updates approximately the 3rd week of July.

Linden St Project will be bid in January or February of 2025 and construction will be that same year. Discussed adding aggregate sand to pave in same year.

Ty Hollingsworth’s National Guard Unit will be landing at the 64-Acre Property for the August 17th Mud Run.

The Regional Roundup and Recovery from Disaster are training opportunities coming up this month.

Councilman DeBack is working with Wright Way Computers on Cyber Training.

Councilman Tope would like to look into the sidewalk replacement specifications and Ordinance.

Some of the planks on one of the bridges at the 64-Acre Property are starting to break away.

Town whistle needs to be reset to be blown at the correct time. Johansen will contact Fire Dept to correct.

Adjourn With no further business to bring before the Council, a motion to adjourn was made by Tope, seconded by Miller. All Aye. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:02 p.m.

Next Council Next regular council meeting will be July 15, 2024, at 6 p.m. in Council

Meeting Chambers.



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