Winneshiek Accidents

Date: 12-21-2020

Time: 9 pm Location: Highway 24 in Jackson Township Total Property Damage: $8,500 Driver 1: Aubrey Hoffert Address: Fort Atkinson, Iowa Age: 15 Vehicle: 2012 Chevrolet Malibu Driver 2: Troy Schmitt Address: Fort Atkinson, Iowa Age: 16 Vehicle: 2005 Buick Le Sabre Driver 3: Dean Dietzenbach Address: Waucoma, Iowa Age: 48 Vehicle: 2013 Ford Explorer Accident Details: Dean Dietzenbach was traveling east on State Highway 24 and put his turn signal on indicating he was turning north onto County Road V64. Dietzenbach slowed to a stop, yielding to a vehicle traveling west. Troy Schmitt was traveling east behind Dietzenbach and slowed down also. Aubrey Hoffert was traveling behind Schmitt. Hoffert struck Schmitt which pushed Schmitt into Dietzenbach. No ambulance transported was needed. Hoffert was cited for failure to maintain control.

Date: 12-21-2020

Time: 2:20 pm Location: County Road W38/Locust Road in Highland Township Total Property Damage: $8,500 Driver: Kenneth Gebert Address: Oelwein, Iowa Age: 59 Vehicle: 2005 Toyota Sienna Driver: Murrel Mathison Address: Mabel, Minnesota Age: 63 Vehicle: 2005 Ford Freestyle Accident Details: Kenneth Gebert was south bound on County Road W38/Locust Road and saw Murrel Mathison cross over the center lane. Gebert tried to avoid a collision by veering all the way to the shoulder but Mathison struck Geberts mirror. Mathison then entered the ditch and kept driving until the vehicle became disabled on an embankment. Mathison was transported by ambulance. Mathison was referred to the Iowa Department of Transportation for a driver’s re-examination.


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