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Image by Macau Photo Agency


Thank you to our tourney contest sponsors!

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Image by Oleksii S


65" TV

from Rockweilers Appliance

and $50 Subway gift card.

2024 Winner - Hannah Hopp of Elkader


2nd place - $35 Subway gift card

3rd place - $20 Subway gift card

4th thru 10th place - $15 Subway gift card

11th thru 20th place - $10 Subway gift card

Subway Gift Cards from your local locations in Monona, Elkader, and Prairie du Chien!


Previous Winners

2024 - Hannah Hopp of Elkader

2023 - Evan Jacobson of Postville

2022-Angel Burgin of Garnavillo

2021--Nick Snitker of Postville

2019--Rebekah Eglseder--Edgewood
2018--Wayne Tauke of Edgewood
2017--Diana Parker of Monona
2016--Paula Ehrhardt of Elkader
2015--Darwin Johnson of Postville
2014--Cierra Drips of Elkport
2013--Tadd Schutte of Decorah
2012--Andrew Reimer of Garnavillo
2011--Gene Aylsworth of Wadena
2010--Derek Livingston of Guttenberg
2009--Luke Meyer of Colesburg
2008--Megan Keehner of Monona
2007--Dick King of Strawberry Point
2006--Autumn Schuety of Saint Olaf
2005--David Welch of Sioux Falls
2004--Brianna Williams of Monona
2003--Matt Elsinger of Prairie Du Chien
2002--Tom Bunting of Edgewood
2001--Sharon Brooks of McGregor
2000--Jonie Hinzman of Guttenberg
1999--Neal Christianson of Garnavillo
1998--Eldoris Borcherding of Garnavillo
1997--Dick Troester of Elkader

Image by Macau Photo Agency


  • One entry per-person

  • Must have valid e-mail address to participate

  • Online Entries only

  • KCTN has the right to refuse any entry

  • 30-day Winner Rule applies

  • Entry picks hidden until games start

  • Scoring One point for 1st Round, Two for 2nd Round, Three for 3rd Round, Four for Final Four Picks, Five for Title Game Picks, and 6-points for Title Game Winner. Play-In Games are not counted

  • Tiebreakers: First Tie-breaker is total points in Title Game, followed by the Title Game Winner, most teams in Final Four, most in Elite Eight, and continuing until all winners are determined

  • This contest is for the pure enjoyment of our Listeners. You must have fun!!

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