Ed-Co Board

The Board of Directors of the Edgewood-Colesburg Community School District met in regular session in the High School Library, on Monday, December 21, 2020. President Venteicher called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Directors Present: Robert Schilling, Dan Venteicher, Matt Elliot, Jeff Hoeger, & Tammy Kirby. Directors Absent: None.

Also present: Superintendent Rob Busch, Principal Dawn Voss, Principal Patty Briggs, and Board Secretary Melissa Conner.

Visitors: LuAnn Bolsinger, Mary Ann Every, Carson Kirby, Maddy Streicher, Diane Meyer, Dave Meyer, Kari Davidshofer, & Nic Stelken.

President Venteicher welcomed our visitors.

Director Hoeger moved to approve the agenda as presented. Director Kirby seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

Director Elliot moved to recognize the following:

Parker Rochford was awarded 1st team All-State Football as a defensive back.

Director Schilling seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

The High School Student Council presented their monthly report.

VIPS & Premier presented on their Library remodel options.

New Business:

Director Elliot moved to approve purchase of furniture from VIPS for Library Remodel in the amount of $62,104. Director Hoeger seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

Director Hoeger moved to approve the second reading of Board Policies: 700-704.3. Director Kirby seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

The first reading of board policies 704.4-705.7, & 710.6 were duly noted.

Director Kirby moved to approve the Business Associate Agreement with Regional Medical Center. Director Hoeger seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

The Board discussed the Colesburg Concession Stand.

REGULAR MEETING December 21, 2020 The Board discussed the Return to Learn Plan.

Director Hoeger moved to approve the At-Risk & Dropout Prevention Program. Director Elliot seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

Director Elliot moved to authorize the district’s administration to submit a request to the School Budget Review Committee (SBRC) for Modified Supplemental Amount and Supplemental Aid for the 2021-2022 Dropout Prevention Program in the amount of $43,179 for expenditures necessary to implement the at-risk and dropout prevention program plans as approved by the Edgewood-Colesburg CSD School Board. Director Kirby seconded the movement. Roll Call: Ayes: Venteicher, Kirby, Hoeger, Schilling, & Elliot. Nays: None. Motion carried 5-0.

Director Schilling moved to approve Early Separation of Certified Staff with at least 12 years at 60% of base pay. Director Elliot seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

Director Schilling moved to approve Early Separation of Classified Staff with at least 12 years at 60% of base pay. Director Elliot seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

The Board discussed the building projects.

The Board discussed the District Goals.

The following track bids were received:

Bid Bond BidFisher Track x $132,780.00Hellas x $158,630.00McConnell & Associates x $136,625.00Midwest Tennis & Track x $126,450.00

Director Elliot moved to accept the bid from Midwest Tennis & Track in the amount of $126,450.00 pending the timeline availability with waiting until July 2021. Director Hoeger seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

REGULAR MEETING December 21, 2020

Principal Briggs: We had a virtual learning meeting with families so they can be prepared in case we have to go virtual. We have also sent out the virtual music concert link to parents.

Principal Voss: Really glad to have as normal of a year as we have been having.

Superintendent Busch: There are changes to the Restraint & Seclusion Code becoming effective on January 20, 2021. IASB is working on policy & procedure changes. AEA learning online is developing staff learning modules. Plan to have the paperwork completed on the vans for student transportation the first part of January. Due to the numbers in special education, we are able to expand the pilot trail of IXL to some secondary students. This year’s Iowa Superintendents Finance & Leadership Conference was held virtually on December 16-17th. I attended the Leadership Camp/Evaluator section. We explored the new standards & how to keep this focused in our work. We’ve been working with Larry from ISFIS on our Finance Project tool. Due to enrollment numbers in grades 9th-11th, we expect to be assigned to an 8-man football district.

Director Kirby: I am very appreciative to be having the school year we are having. Thank you to the administration for everything you’ve done. Thank you to Carston, Christina, & Kari for making the concerts happen & for all the time & effort.

Director Hoeger: My son saw some of the Library plans and really liked the layout of the new remodel.

Director Schilling: Thank you to the staff for being able to maintain during these times. Director Elliot: We’ve come a long way & I’m glad to see we are this far.

Director Venteicher: Any IASB training online are worth watching. Rob & I are going to start meeting with student groups & get updates.

Director Hoeger moved to approve the Consent Agenda.

a. Approve minutes of November 16 & 18, 2020 meetings

b. List of Expenditures and Financial Reports

c. Open Enrollment




REGULAR MEETING December 21, 2020

-West Delaware-8th

d. Special Education Contracts

e. Fundraisers

f. Personnel

i. Resignations

ii. New Hire

-Amanda Voss-Elementary Para

-Andrea Friedley-Full Time Custodian

iii. Contract Adjustments

iv. Volunteer Coaches/Sponsors

Director Schilling seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

With no further business to come before the board for consideration at this time, Director Elliot moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 p.m. Director Kirby seconded the movement. Motion carried 5-0.

Exempt Session for preparation for collective bargaining per Iowa Code 20.17(3) was held.

December 21, 2020 Listing of Expenditures


ACCESS SYSTEMS staples $ 10.99 ADVANTAGE ADMINISTRATORS fee $ 119.50 AHLERS AND COONEY, P.C. legal services $ 1,146.00 ALLIANT ENERGY electricity $ 5,384.62 APPLE FINANCIAL SERVICES Ipads $ 8,820.00 AREA EDUCATION AGENCY 267 computer repairs $ 1,318.75 B & H PHOTO owl cameras $ 9,119.30 BI-COUNTY DISPOSAL, INC. garbage collection $ 778.24 BLACK HILLS heating $ 3,798.01 BUSCH, ROB mileage & cables $ 86.13 CAROLINA BIOLOGICAL SUPPLY CO. supplies $ 521.45 CITY OF COLESBURG water/sewer $ 653.28 CITY OF EDGEWOOD water/sewer $ 1,396.77 CLAYTON COUNTY RECORDER fee $ 44.00 CLAYTON RIDGE CSD open enrollment $ 14,426.46 COMELEC INTERNET SERVICES internet $ 60.00 CONTINENTAL RESEARCH CORP. supplies $ 2,821.99 DEL-CLAY FARM EQUIPMENT repairs $ 1,090.57 DYERSVILLE COMMERCIAL publication $ 1,293.18 EDGEWOOD FARM & HOME SUPPLY supplies $ 189.10 EDGEWOOD REMINDER publication $ 673.32 ELAN supplies, license, & postage $ 5,151.60 EVERETT'S AUTO PARTS parts $ 62.60 FOLLETT SCHOOL SOLUTIONS INC. books $ 1,392.66 FranklinCovey Client Sales Inc. Leader in Me $ 15,530.08 GNP Branded Gear masks $ 20.24 GRANT WOOD AEA professional services $ 40.00 HDC BUSINESS FORMS CORP. checks $ 484.01 HELPING SERVICES FOR NORTHEAST IOWA mentoring $ 1,000.00 IOWA COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK network services $ 453.10 IOWA DEPT. OF NAT. RESOURCES, fee $ 65.00 IXL LEARNING online learning $ 1,050.00 J.W. PEPPER AND SON, INC. music $ 456.79 KARL'S GROCERY supplies $ 385.15 LEE, Keith H. supplies $ 223.98 MALAUSKY, DAVID supplies $ 866.27

REGULAR MEETING December 21, 2020

QUILL CORPORATION supplies $ 116.16 REALLY GOOD STUFF, LLC supplies $ 171.33


professional services $ 724.67

REGIONAL FAMILY HEALTH physicals $ 300.00 Regional Medical Center flu shots $ 1,764.00 SCHOOL SPECIALTY supplies $ 159.00 SILLS, TANGEE supplies $ 9.69 SILVEREDGE COOPERATIVE diesel & barn lime $ 6,061.66 SilverStone services $ 3,100.00 STRAWBERRY BUILDING SUPPLY ice melt $ 1,286.25 Swivl (dbaSatarii) devices $ 1,417.00 Three Rivers FS Company-Manchester rental $ 35.00 Tibbott Construction snow removal $ 260.00 TIMBERLINE BILLING SERVICE LLC medicaid $ 510.34 Time Management Systems fee $ 353.00 U.S. CELLULAR hot spots $ 2,943.85 WALMART COMMUNITY supplies $ 276.18 WEBER PAPER COMPANY supplies $ 2,992.51 WEST DELAWARE CO. COMM. SCHOOL open enrollment $ 54,265.92 WEST MUSIC CO. band resale & repairs $ 165.50 WINDSTREAM telephone services $ 1,018.16 Fund Total: $ 158,863.36


CDW Government, Inc. computer $ 685.00 Edgewood Auto & Tire plow $ 8,809.76 FM CONTROLS, INC. repairs $ 1,224.50 RAY'S EXCAVATING LLC Colesburg parking lot $ 14,276.70 SportsGraphics window graphics $ 6,555.00 Williams, Betty property $ 5,000.00 Young Plumbing & Heating repairs $ 1,003.72 Fund Total: $ 37,554.68

DEBT Fund:

UMB Bank, N.A. interest $ 24,067.82


ARMEL, RAY official $ 129.72 Atlantic Coca-Cola vending $ 121.81 BECKMAN HIGH SCHOOL entry fee $ 75.00 BRADY, CAIN official $ 85.00 Brehmer, Isaac official $ 131.36 BURNS, MILLIE mail carrier $ 90.00 CAFE ROSE Fall Play Meals $ 143.00 CALDERWOOD, CARSTON supplies $ 21.45 DECKER SPORTING GOODS baseballs & helmets $ 1,349.60 DRYML, TIM official $ 127.26 DUNKERTON COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT fundraiser $ 50.00 ED-CO BOOSTER CLUB donation $ 250.00 EDGEWOOD FARM & HOME SUPPLY supplies $ 79.95 ELAN supplies & memberships $ 478.34 Gibbs, Joe official $ 112.50 GRAY, CODY official $ 90.54 HARDER, TERRY official $ 192.42 JOHNSON, RYAN official $ 112.50 KARL'S GROCERY supplies $ 196.95 KIRBY, TAMMY supplies $ 167.00 KNICKREHM, DOUG official $ 141.50 LINK, RANDY official $ 625.50 LOUGHREN, PAT official $ 118.49 MILLER, KARIE official $ 42.40

REGULAR MEETING December 21, 2020

MINNTEX CITRUS fruit $ 12,023.95 MONTICELLO SPORTS supplies $ 72.00 PIERSCHBACHER, KARI reimbursement $ 26.00 POGGENKLASS, DAVID services $ 250.00 SADLER, DENNIS official $ 130.54 SCHNIER, WAYNE official $ 128.08 SINGSANK, Tim official $ 662.49 STEPHAN, DAVID official $ 123.57 Varner, Rodney Dean official $ 155.00 Fund Total: $ 18,503.92


BERGAN, Eileen meals $ 84.85

Nutrition Fund:

Atlantic Coca-Cola ala carte $ 401.74 BILLMEYER, TAD OR BRITANY lunch refund $ 7.55 EARTHGRAINS BAKING CO. INC. bread $ 985.06 ECOLAB supplies $ 872.13 ELAN Hot lunch $ 112.72

MARTIN BROS. DISTRIB. CO., INC hot lunch, supplies, ala carte, & fee

$ 11,089.38

PRAIRIE FARMS DAIRY milk $ 2,545.44 RAPIDS supplies & fee $ 292.72 Fund Total: $ 16,306.74

PPEL Fund:

ACCESS SYSTEMS LEASING copier lease $ 1,824.87 Total of All Funds: $257,206.24


KCTN FM 100.1

P.O. BOX 990



563-245-1402 (fax)