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West Union Council

Council Chambers, City Hall, May 20, 2024, at 6:00 P.M.

West Union City Council met May 20, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. in Council

Chambers with Mayor Cameron Granger presiding. The meeting began with the

Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance Present: DeBack, Gumm, McElree, and Tope. Absent: Miller.

Approval of the Motion to amend the agenda, adding to #4: Add Napa Show and Shines for 4th

Agenda Thursdays and adding #14a: Public Comments, was made by Tope, seconded by Gumm. All Aye. Carried.

Approval of Minutes Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Tope, to approve the May 6,

2024, Council Meeting minutes as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Approval of Street Motion to approve street closures for Euphoria’s Farmer’s Markets on Thursday

Closures for Euphoria nights from June 6-September 19 as per schedules and for Napa’s car shows

Farmer’s Markets and the 4th Thursday from May through September was made by McElree, seconded

Napa Car Shows by Tope. All Aye. Carried.

Approval of 2024 Seal Motion to approve seal coating for Item #13 on Prairie Road Builders’ 2024

Coating for Items #12 listing and Item #12 once proper drainage is obtained was made by McElree,

And #13 seconded by Gumm. DeBack – No. All Rest – Aye. Carried.

Discuss Quote to Cap Cahoy Pump Services submitted a quote to cap a well at the 64-Acre Property

Well at the 64-Acre that is in the path of the planned Echo Valley Trail. Council would like more

Property information on the well before proceeding. Motion to table was made by

DeBack, seconded by Tope. All Aye. Carried.

Approval of Board of Motion to approve Board of Adjustment members and terms was made by

Members and Terms Gumm, seconded by Tope. All Aye. Carried. Outgoing Chair Tex Heyer will be

replaced by Jared Kent. Members renewing their terms are Tom Luhman, Bruce

Fink, Kent Halverson, Don Bright, and Bill Bouska.

Approval of Airport Motion to approve Airport Taxiway widening was made by Tope, seconded by

Taxiway Widening DeBack. All Aye. Carried. This will be a change order to original project to better

suit larger planes. City’s share will be approximately $32,000.

Consider Letter Letter regarding Randy Petsche’s parcel in the Industrial Park was reviewed.

Regarding Industrial Motion to postpone the matter indefinitely was made by McElree, seconded by

Park Parcel DeBack. All Aye. Carried.

Discuss Streets Motion to table discussion until estimates are received was made by Gumm,

Downtown at seconded by Tope. All Aye. Tope would also like to proceed on repairing the

Intersections downtown sidewalks.

Approval of Liquor Motion to approve liquor license for Senor Cantina was made by Gumm,

License for Senor seconded by DeBack. All Aye. Carried.


Approval of Medical/ Motion to approve policy for Medical/Dental/Vision reimbursement and record-

Dental/Vision Policy keeping as approved by the Employee Benefits Committee was made by Gumm,

seconded by Tope. All Aye. Carried.

Approval of Revised Motion to table approval of Resolution 2024-31 Revised Agreement with West

Agreement with West Union Chamber until Chamber Board can review was made by DeBack,

Union Chamber seconded by Tope. All Aye. Carried.

Public Comments Mayor Granger issued the following: “The cyber scam investigation regarding a vendor payment has been completed. The scam was related to an email compromise that resulted in the City electronically sending a legitimate vendor payment to a new bank account set up by cybercriminals. When the City learned of the error, the bank attempted to recover the funds twice, but was unsuccessful until today when Kerndt Brothers Bank advised they received $34,192.07. The City has identified some procedures that must be in place to prevent any scam like this occurring again and all employees will promptly receive cybersecurity training. I have appointed Chris DeBack to lead a committee with the City Clerk to work with the insurance carrier on both creating a set of procedures and promptly obtaining training. We are still waiting for any word on the insurance claim.”

Approval of May Motion to approve May 2024 expenditures totaling $868,985.47 was made by

2024 Expenditures Gumm, seconded by DeBack. All Aye. Carried.


Access Systems-Copier 239.72

AeroMod-Supplies 277.27

AFLAC-Insurance 122.28

All Stop-Fuel 643.61

Allamakee-Clayton Econ Dev-Loans 3,000.00

Allamakee-Clayton Electric-Electric Bills 3,552.17

Alliant Energy-Electric Bills 4,486.55

Amazon-Supplies 2,053.53

Amie Johnansen-Mileage 330.84

Ascent Avia-Fuel 5,694.01

AT&T Mobility-Phones 258.51

Baker & Taylor-Books 460.46

Baumler Implements-Supplies 253.98

Black Hawk Co Landfill-Fees 71.81

Black Hawk Waste-Garbage 70.00

Black Hills-Gas 1,267.13

Brandi Burrow-Mileage 63.65

Center Point Large Print-Books 589.68

CenturyLink-Phones 294.91

CIT Sewer Solutions-Contract 122,664.14

College Subscription Services-Magazine 85.00

Compass Minerals-Sand 2,595.46

Croell RediMix-Concrete 1,062.88

Dakota Supply Group-Supplies 129.01

Dale Bilden-City Hall Janitorial 150.00

Demko-Supplies 54.34

EFTPS-Payroll Taxes 18,062.52

Engineered Equip Solutions-Supplies 2,354.56

ERA-Testing 374.91

Eurofins-Testing 763.20

Family Dollar Store-License Refund 113.75

Farm Plan (Norby’s)-Supplies 614.45

Farmers Win Coop-Fuel 3,568.90

Fay Co Abstract-Fees 474.00

Fay Co Auditor-Geo Electric 237.72

Fay Co Road Dept-Echo Valley 28E 32,103.48

Fay Co Sheriff-Dispatch Agreement 9,944.00

Fay Co Union-Publications 1,134.63

FCSWM Commission-Landfill Fees 659.80

Fire Service Training-FF2 Training 200.00

Gordon Flesch-Copier 127.26

Hawkeye Fire-Inspections 618.05

Hawkeye Interconnect-Internet 165.96

Hawkins, Inc-Chlorine Cylinders 1,523.24

HW Wilson-Books 481.50

IA DNR-Certification 60.00

IA Dept of Revenue-Taxes 1,835.40

Impact Vinyl Graphix-Planter Stakes 162.00

Ingram-Books 694.31

Iowa Dept of Public Safety-Billing 453.00

IA Fire Chiefs Assoc-Dues 75.00

Iowa One Call-Fees 31.50

Iowa Pump Works-Parts 59,442.31

IPERS-Retirement 12,625.99

Iroc Web Design-Website 45.00

Kent Halverson-Airport Mgmt, Fuel 645.74

Kerndt Bank-Fees 74.70

KSB Solar-Solar Fees 1,981.45

Lance Hangartner Tree Service-Tree Removal 5,195.00

Lauer & Lauer-Insurance 102,048.91

Lincoln Investment-457b Plan 3,168.18

Marco-Copiers 196.82

Martin’s Flag Co-Flags 553.36

Merlyn Finley-Repairs 140.00

MidStates Organized Crime-Dues 100.00

Napa-Supplies 280.00

NEIA Mechanical-Service 677.36

NFV School-Yearbook 55.00

North Central Labs-Supplies 811.27

Nutrien Ag Solutions-Chemicals 2,107.35

Petty Cash-Postage, Supplies 62.28

Pro Earth-Mulch 540.00

Quill Corp-Supplies 125.98

Quillin’s-Supplies 53.48

Ray O’Herron-Supplies 138.16

RNR Solar-Solar Fees 2,297.65

Ryan Wagner-Firemen Compensation 584.00

Sector Gov’t-Getac System 4,951.68

Signs By Design-Supplies 37.50

Sim’s TV-Supplies 64.87

Sisco Premium Trust-Insurance 16,951.68

Spahn & Rose-Supplies 31.34

State Hygienic Lab-Testing 64.50

Storey Kenworthy-Supplies 511.28

The Standard-Insurance 423.36

Treasurer-St of Iowa-Taxes 2,621.97

UMB Bank-GO Bond 357,992.50

US Cellular-Phones 597.24

US Postmaster-Postage 492.90

USA Bluebook-Supplies 678.68

Visa-Supplies 2,758.50

Washington National-Insurance 83.90

WU District Energy-Geo 308.00

WU Hardware-Supplies 16.48

WU Motor Supply-Supplies 7.96

Wex Bank-Fuel 2,357.25

Wilbur Ford-Repairs 48.17

Wright Way Computers-Support 549.17

Total Payroll 56,282.47


Total Claims $868,985.47


General $195,764.39 $281,680.82

Fire Equipment Replacement

Road Use Tax 52,052.72 29,388.85

Employee Benefits 11,620.80 87,189.64

LOST 22,001.67

TIF 153.00

Revolving Loan Fund

Library Donations 228.00

Cemetery Donations 182.09

Debt Service 294,145.00 195,946.45

Capital Improvement 61,332.07 459.25

Airport Project

Bridge Project

Equipment Revolving 20,001.18

Perpetual Care 157.54

Water 95,144.11 31,464.63

Capital Water Fee 6,296.72

Sewer 94,594.31 26,543.83 Capital Sewer Fee 61,332.07 41,665.68

Sewer Sinking Fund 33,041.00

Capital Sewer Projects 3,000.00

Storm Water 4,547.40

-------------------- --------------------

Totals $868,985.47 $780,947.75

Adjourn With no further business to bring before the Council, a motion to adjourn was made by Gumm, seconded by McElree. All Aye. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

Next Council Next regular council meeting will be June 3, 2024, at 6 p.m. in Council

Meeting Chambers.



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