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Luana City Council

Luana City Council Minutes of February 1, 2024

The Luana City Council held their regular monthly meeting Thursday February 1, 2024, at 7:00 pm. with Council Members Lonnie Baade, Kevin Boddicker, Todd Olson, Jackie Radloff-Schneider, Luke Steege present. Absent: None.

Mayor Jerry Schroeder called meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Minutes of January meeting were reviewed and approved upon a motion by Radloff-Schneider, second by Steege, carried unanimously.

Boddicker motioned to pay all monthly claims totaling $22,042.10, Baade second, carried unanimously. Receipts for the month totaled $37,848.84. Radloff-Schneider motioned to pass Res. 2-2024 T.O.F, Olson second, carried unanimously. Council reviewed reconciled reports.

Humble gave updates on Lagoon Project. Council reviewed Geotechnical Report from Terracon. Humble informed council that acquiring land acquisition through SRF funds would help in our application for a CDBG grant. City is still waiting on Wasteload Allocation back from the DNR and then be able to finalize our reports and move on to the design effort. Council discussed land that will need to be purchased for the DNR required lagoon upgrade.

Council reviewed proposed budget for FY2025.

Steege motioned to support MFL Dollars for Scholars in the amount of $100.00, Baade second, carried unanimously.

Steege motioned to move $100,000 from General account into a new money market located at Luana Savings Bank, Boddicker second, carried unanimously.

Humble read updated information received from CEDI Coalition, opposing Alliant Energy rate increase. After discussion, Radloff-Schneider motioned to put a press release in the newspaper post office and on social media to make sure public is informed, Olson second, carried unanimously.

Next regular council meeting will be held March 7, 2024, at 7:00 pm.

Mayor Schroeder adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm.

                                                    Tammy Humble, City Administrator

Monthly Expenditures $22,042.10: Alliant Energy $2,238.64; Birdnow $369.50 (Vehicle repair); Black Hills Energy $666.87; Clayton County Auditor $590.13 (Election cost); Column Software $55.54 (Publication); Duaine Davis $275.00

(Snow removal); Federal Taxes $1,339.40; IA One Call $15.30; IPERS $1,369.85; Microbac $17.50 (Water testing); MSA $5,800.00 (Lagoon engineer); NAPA $223.26 (Shop supplies); NEIT $81.49; Post Office $462.00; Wages $5,373.54; Waste Management $2,194.90; W.E.T. Tax $969.18.

Fire Department Expenditures $0; General Fund Expenditures $15,552.12; Propriety Expenditures $5,817.50; Road Use Tax Expenditures $672.48; TIF Expenditures $0.

Monthly Revenue $37,848.84: Interest $672.42; Local Option $2,857.02; Property Tax $840.79; RUT $1,615.02; SRF Loan $19,503.75; Utilities $12,359.84.


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