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Updated: 4 days ago

The Elkader City Council received an update on the scheduled for the Carter Street Northwest project. Bids for the project will be opened next month and the plan is to begin work on the project this spring.

The Council approved filling the open Economic Development Director position and will be looking for applicants.

The Elkader City Council met on Monday, January 11, 2021 in regular session at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, with Mayor Josh R. Pope presiding. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call was taken.

Roll call: Present: Peggy Lane, Ed Josten (via phone), Daryl Koehn, Randy Henning,

Bob Hendrickson

Two additional claims were presented for the Consent Agenda (John Thompson Tree Service for $500.00 and Mayo Clinic for $795.60) With those additions, Koehn moved to approve the consent agenda. Henning seconded the motion.

Roll call: Ayes: Lane, Josten, Koehn, Henning, Hendrickson

Nays: none

2. Consent Agenda (Items on the consent agenda are considered routine in nature and all items are passed in one motion. In order to have an item voted on individually, it must be removed from the consent agenda.)

a. Minutes from the December 28, 2020 meeting

b. Bills (December 30, 2020-January 7, 2021)

c. Financial reports (unreconciled Treasurer’s report, budget by function, revenue report and receipts by fund)

d. Appointments:

• Mayor Pro-tem-Daryl Koehn

• City Attorney- Steve Leidinger of Lynch Dallas PC

• Fire Chief - Scott Marmann

• Clayton County Emergency Management Commission- Josh Pope (rep) and Daryl Koehn (alternate)

e. Approval of Resolution 2021-01 – Naming depositories

f. Approval of Resolution 2021-02 - Resolution setting a public hearing for the Maximum Property Tax Dollars as required by IA CODE 384.15A

g. Approve filling open Economic Development Director position

3. Public comments No public comments were shared.

Continue discussions of FY 21-22 budget; review draft budget with department heads The Council reviewed the departmental budgets. Budget discussions for the rest of the budget will continue at the next meeting. (Council member Koehn left meeting.) Included in this discussion was approval of the updated schedule for the Carter Street NW project. Lane moved to approve the updated schedule. Henning seconded the motion.

Roll call: Ayes: Lane, Henning, Hendrickson

Nays: Josten

Review proposed changes to Personnel Manual After a normal review, staff is recommending a few updates to the Personnel Manual. The City Attorney has also reviewed and suggested some updates. Council reviewed those updates and had a few questions, but will entertain approving the manual at the next meeting.

Administrative staff update

  1. Discussion of possible RISE grant application for Industrial Park (continuation of Humphrey Street) Staff indicated that the owner of the Industrial Park, Alan Johnson, was interested in working with the City on a RISE grant through the IaDOT. Lane moved to approve assisting with the submission and administration of a RISE grant provided the owner signs an agreement indicating all expenses, including City staff time and relevant attorney fees, are paid for by the owner. Josten seconded the motion.

Roll call: Ayes: Lane, Josten, Henning, Hendrickson

Nays: none

Adjournment Hendrickson moved to adjourn. Henning seconded the motion. Council voted unanimously to adjourn. Mayor Josh Pope declared the meeting adjourned at 8:19 p.m.


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